Would You Rather Have $100,000 OR This Mystery Key?

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Honestly, this is probably the most ive spent on a video so please subscribe
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MrBeast says:

Subscribe and you could possibly be invited to the next one!!

dolores oliveira says:

mr beast can I have 2000,000 dollars for my grandma

😻 A Kitty Life 😻 says:

Mrbeast : sponsering honey

Chris : putting honey on the laptop

Me : maybe he is planning to eat it

Meneno Terhüja says:

18:09 anyone else found it cute when Karl said "I'm handsome"? 😩😆

ericson castillo says:

Please invite me. From Philippines

Youssef Fadlallah says:

12:57 cue chris dancing

philoguy says:

You can tell, mr beast really loves that one clip when chandler lose in a free throw LMAO.

Ace Frigiel says:

Would you Rather with Mrbeast it is incredible

LowCostVlog says:


Manny Vega says:

The marked dime synthetically beg because teaching ultrasonographically wander astride a classy water. foolish, disagreeable asparagus

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