Your Favorite Fast Food For FREE!!

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Places to find discounts and updates on free stuff:

Retail Me Not (Search Freebies or Fast Food)

– Also sign up for fast food websites to receive free food on you birthday!

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 282
McDonough, GA 30253-9998


Phyllis Stevensoon says:

Very do you always have Deja with you , is she your favorite child

Karmuul Kupkake says:

Thanks for sharing! Also if you download Penn Station app & register, you will receive a free 6" sub no purchase necessary!

Candace Rushing says:

I have starting now do to you but I cannot download the app to my phone like help me please

twigz36 says:

They wrong for giving Deja that BISCUIT!!!😱😂😂😂

Auntie M Arrington says:

Don't forget the free cookie at Subway. Side note: Sonya, be careful with Popeyes. Make sure it's chicken. I've seen too many reports on the news about what ppl thought was fried chicken.

vivalulious says:

Love me some Popeye chicken. .yum yum! !! lol

Willett Reed says:

Purchased one Wendy's frosty coupon received a second one for free.

Willett Reed says:

I got the free chicken sandwich from chickfila

ladygagarocks21 says:

Bojangles will do a free sausage biscuit with any purchase if do their survey

buthcher911 says:

Thanks for the tip! Have a blessed day.

Darlene Izzard says:

Thanks for sharing!!! Blessings!!

Shakeerah says:

this video came right on time..I go to Dunkin Donuts just about everyday and I just realized that I could be getting free donuts if I complete the survey. .

O'bey Me says:

tmobile tuesdays!!freeee items all day

Stacy Love1981 says:

Thanks, Sonya!

Jennifer Johnson says:

Thanks Sonya!! I live in St Louis and the McDonald's here will give you such a hard time about your free items.. But I request the manager on duty and it all works out! Thanks for these great tips. Soooooo glad you're back💚

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