Your Notes Everywhere with Evernote and Scannable #30DaysOfVideos

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I love to take some notes and plan stuff. But where do you store those notes so that they are searchable? I choose Evernote a couple years ago and have been a “Premium Plan” customer for almost 3 years now. It hold a lot of info, a lot of articles I have read over the years, and it proved it self very valuable on multiple occasions where I had to search documents on the spot (mostly mobile) and I was able to find my stuff quickly and even with OCR inside PDF documents.

Needless to say: I am pretty much in love with evernote. It is one of those services that just stays consistent on my iPhone home screen and in the dock on my MacBook.

And since I also found the app Scannable for iPhone (free and also made by Evernote), life got even easier. Now I can just lay a paper onto a table, hold my phone over it and it automatically snaps the paper, cuts it so that it fits perfectly and then also adjusts the contrast so that readability is the best possible. So helpful for scanning documents, recipes, recites and random notes you put down on a notepad.

You can start for free with most of these features at and get Scannable at Keep in mind: some of the features I am talking about are not in the free plan and only come available in the “Premium Plan”.

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