⚠️SHOPRITE EXTREME COUPONING – 8/09 to 8/15 Free Baby Food & more!!! #Coupon #SHOPRITE #FREE #WLNLW

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Breakdown: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1f4GU4jK2M4YdjXvLS_mdvYw1VSI7PE11TXpDHz2TYag/edit?usp=sharing

Thank you so much for your support!!!

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Ben Dont says:

why cant i load my digital coupons on my card? says zero items when i check

RUDE E9 says:

I'm a assistant front end Manager at a Shoprite. I wish all customers knew how to do their shopping like u do.

Millie Lebron says:

On the ShopRite my way you can not use digital and manufacture coupons together

Robin Alston says:

We don't have a lobster tank.

Robin Alston says:

Wow no cart fee in new jersey except at aldis

April Messina says:

I got my free pencils today. They had set up a back to school display and they were in cardboard containers so maybe your store might get more this week.

Stacy Thomas says:

Its NOT the end of summer!! We have 6 more weeks!! Please don't rush it

Kemi Jeje says:

Love your videos. Glad to see you back! Hi Felicia! Stay strong!

Adeliz Hernandez says:

Hi 👋🏼
So I live in Nj and I don’t know how to subscribe and if there is a discounted site . Can you let me know how to subscribe to those coupons

Jamie Thornton says:

Omg girl I've missed your videos ,so happy to see that Beautiful smiley face .

luz vatt says:

Awesome video and breakdown. 👍😊
What is the Shoprite points, at the end of the video? Thanks in advance.

Elizabeth Medrano says:

Great to have you back, thank you for sharing. I’m in South Jersey no quarter deposit in my area but when I lived up north I remember them having it. Have a great week

Mary Deptula says:

Nice to see you back !!!

Jennifer Jones says:

Hello their, good to see you. Great video. I.am going to stock up on those vitamins. I am not sure if you heard about. P&G good every day. you can sign up, submit your receipts on their products only procter and gamble and earn points
THAT quarter for the cart is crazy. the shoprite in my town so far it is free. If they start charging i am going to need a coupon for that.

Michelle Gangaram says:

Hi Felicia! I picked up 4 lobsters today for $37 🙂 I didn't know they can steam them for you!!!
The country crock plant butter is really good! Honestly it tastes just like regular country crock spreads 👍

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