🔥 Dollar General Clearance Haul Using Manufacture & Digital Coupons 🔥

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Teami Birthday Sale (ends 10/14/18)
25% OFF $34+ purchase
Discount Code: HIGGS25

Continuous Discount:
15% OFF $24+ purchase
Discount Code: HIGGS15

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Doris Stevens says:

I think the toothpaste the Crest I'm pretty sure it's on ibotta. It's on mine anyway but it's only .20 but that better than nothing and it will be an offer toward your rebates. I know you know all this. Lol love your videos and hope you get to feeling better very soon.

Toothsome Euphoria My Simple Lyfe says:

I was able to score Sterilite 5lb latch storage containers for around $2.65 each, dr scholls inserts for $2.56 each. DG makeup wipes for 75 cents and a ton of other things. This was a great event for me.

Clorisa Bruce says:

🤣🤣Girl I'm dying at the end… I been had that. I have pulled that card alot🤣. Love the haul!

Jefferee Huckleberry says:

We missed you,..I just want to say I really appreciate your level of decorum and rational as it pertains to pressing issues when in stores, when things may not go the way you want or intend. There is a couponer I use to follow and I had to unsubscribe because she is always talking bout she called corporate when the manager didn’t give her what she wanted. On one instance she called and a person lost their job. At no point is it ever that serious. So I really appreciate that you coupon respectfully. Thanks for sharing and I pray that God moves on your behalf in whatever way you need him to.

Heidi Worley says:

Great deals 😀

Stacey Adams says:

"I been had that"!! lol girl I overdid it too! wonk wonk!

Mrs.Sassy Saving Sistah says:

Tide Simply Yellow Bottle with t shirt on front 2.00 oop 60 cent.Runnnnn God Bless.

Tiffany Girliegirl says:

I missed the cat food. How much was the fancy feast? I keep rewinding but can’t find it. Lol. Thanks.

Tiffany Girliegirl says:

I found the peanuts last time and keep them in my car. They have come in handy for my daughter and I so I picked up more this time.

Beverly Griggs says:

An awesome deal I got the snuggles dryer sheets they was ringing up $0.90 and the pink box got 20 of them and had digital coupons and paper coupons and also I got the laundry detergent Summer Escape was ringing up $3.15 they marked it down for $1.57 I got three of them I got some rugs I got pillows and I got a comforter and lamp and also got my grandbaby some flip-flops two pairs of leggings and one shirt and then I didn't spend over $20 I think that was awesome

Felicia Dependable Angel Services says:

great video

Janice Vaughn says:

I think you did great.

Monica Fermin says:

GREAT HAUL!!! May the good lord up above continue on blessing you🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 I didn't find too much of anything over here…I got 2 of the Quilted Northern TPs for $8 (9 rolls ea) and a Swiffer Wetjet for wood floors for $8 as well(which to me was an awesome find!!)😊 😁 but the stores that I went to didn't have any totes or clearance isles😢😢 I've gotten so spoiled by the 5/25 deals that I want to take the TP back and get refunded for today's deals!!!😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂 Well enjoy the rest of your Weekend, God Bless😊

Shanna Banana says:

Great haul! Feel better soon! 🙂

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