100% BETTER, Re-Organized My Coupon Book

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Reorganized my coupon book 2/8/14…..I am going to put my store policies in the compartments in the front of my coupon book… couponing for beginners 2014, couponing for beginners, couponing this week, couponing at walmart, couponing at target, coupon mom, coupon haul, coupon stockpile, coupon deals, coupon queen, coupon deals this week Extreme Couponing Tips and Tricks for Beginners in 2016 at places like cvs walmart target walgreens riteaid and many more How to get paid to shop all day long


PupplyLOVE300 says:

What is the redbox where you get your coupons from that you keep referring to???

VinTroFlo says:

Oh I tried catagories, but I'd get stuck on some coupons with not knowing where to put them to be able to remember how my brain was working that day. Because some will apply to more than one catagory sometimes. So I bought some more dividers and tabs, put one letter of the alphabet on the front and back of each one and organize my coupons alphabetically by brand now. Aveeno, Almay, Bush's Beans, etc. And with those Dove, Snickers, M&Ms coupons, I struggled with D or M or S and then decided to just put all the ones like that under the letter C for Candy. Everything else though is Alphabetical by brand and now I can finally find a coupon when I need it. 😃😃😃 Thank you for always sharing good information so that we can learn to be the best shopper we can be! 🙂 💜

Beauty Becomes You says:

where did you get the system from?

nessajaimes says:

That's great !! Im new to coupon world but I'm loving it so far! I just have to learn to plan better how often do you go to store ? And how can you be prepared each time and get all those great hauls ???

Sandra Morton says:

mrsmac10….it all depends on your store….

mrsmac10 says:

Do you know which stores accept expired coupons?

Nappy2Straight says:

You are serious about this Couponing 😆😆😆😆😆😆thanks for the video.

Robin Woodward says:

Brilliant. I'm always looking for a new and better way.

chevysnfirst2 says:

Wow this is fabulous way! Great job. I think I have some of those dividers. You have inspired me to get better organized!

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