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Sarah Coen says:

I live just north of Boston and the Sunday paper prices are INSANE!! I think the last time I bought them it was $4 for the Boston Herald and $6 for the Boston Globe! ๐Ÿคฏ

I found that a regional paper, the Salem News, was like $2 on Saturdayโ€™s but had all the Sunday inserts except P&G, but none of our papers have Tide in them. During the pandemic the Salem paper has stopped their Saturday edition, so it was back to buying to Boston papers! ๐Ÿ˜ญ

So I started buying from a coupon fairy – what I pay for 4 to 6 sets from the fairy is less than what I was spending for 2 Globes, plus I get Tide. We just need to be โ€œsavvyโ€ about papers – just like we hunt for deals on hair care, make up, food, we need to hunt out the best deals for papers.

Denise King says:

I get my papers from the dollartree or family dollar store or print some coupons at work

Robin Cammarata says:

My region this week the newspaper had 1 Smart source, 1 retail me Not, and the other Retail me not had 2 pages only. No Maybelline. Thank goodness for printables.

Cassandra R says:

I stopped buying newspaper when I found out a newspaper that comes out on Friday is free and it comes with the retail me not from that weekend ๐Ÿ™ƒ I also found a newspaper that came out on Wednesday's with the smart source from past week but I can no longer get that one since I've only seen it at the library that is now closed because of covid. Check your free newspaper at grocery stores and gas stations ๐Ÿค— they even come with the p & g

John Angry Spirit says:

Clairol dye coupon in the retail me not?

John Angry Spirit says:

Got2b styling clearance at wags,cvs,rite aid,walmart

S'mone C The DIYer says:

My newspaper have been $4 since 2019, so if I can't find them at my local DT I don't get them

Tara Taylor says:

My inserts have been $3 for a long time, I have been ordering them lately.

dorothy james says:

Do you have a dollar tree near you i get mine for 1 they run 3 at other store

Aimee says:

Thanks, Luellen! Ours have been $3 this whole time. My husband keeps track of that in my savings. Hope you're out saving big! xoxo

veronica pitter says:

Am in Pembroke Pines Florida I went to the dollar store this morning the paper went up from $1to $2.

Heidi Newberg says:

Go to Dollar Tree. Thatโ€™s the only place I buy papers now

Twanna Williams says:

I get my news paper from Family Dollar for a dollar, today they charged $2.00., maybe the prices went up in all states, I live in Florida.

Sarah Holbrook says:

I'm in Oklahoma. Ours is $3.50 I feel for those who have to pay $5

Candice Teeter says:

My Sunday paper is $4.

Diana says:

I was thrilled to wake up to printable Elvive coupons! Iโ€™m one of those who doesnโ€™t get them in the paper. They had Garnier printables too….the value wasnโ€™t as high but oh well. I may use a hair care crt today finally.

rgapay says:

I actually got a link from a friend on a website where I buy individual coupons for very cheap and you can get multiple coupons of each one. Also they have regional coupons that I normally donโ€™t get! This way I only buy what I want… good way to save with the increase in newspapers.

AllThingsSheila says:

They increased from $3 to $5 where I live๐Ÿ˜”

Kgurlzmom says:

Yep, ours went up as well….making me REALLY look at those coupons before I buy ๐Ÿ˜’

Christina Gorman says:

I live in Florida and our paper has been $3 and I never get all the inserts so I went straight to Sunday coupons inserts just so I can get all the inserts plus saving trees because I throw away the rest of the news paper. So I'm not going to lie I'm really excited to coupon this week. I'm still new at it so I'm still learning.

DMM H says:

Our little paper here in Augusta Ga is 3.50 and we just don't get the great coupons. I just buy the ones I need for 15 cents each.

tinmanlover1994 says:

were I love we got 2 newspapers to pick from $3 big city paper or local small town USA paper that's $1. $1 small town vs Big city $3
Big city paper has a lot of the regional coupons $1 paper has a few and even the same. The Big city paper has No tide coupons in pg inserts vs small town We get tide, big city paper Mitchum Deodranrts Vs Small town no Mitchum. The cost and what coupons you really need and want can decide what papers you want buy for the week and how many. I alway buy 2 papers no matter which one I got with. Their times I might buy big city paper and my local papers depending on what coupons are in them. So for me as of lately I've been getting manly $1 local small town paper they been stepping up their game I been getting some the reveunal hot coupons in my local SS every week now. When I started Couponing my local paper was I think .50 cents now their $1 and the big city paper was $2 and is now $3. Before the life changed depending on what coupons were coming My parents said I was allowed to get 3 papers but sense the price change I stick with 2 Sunday papers no matter what newspaper i get

Saving With Teri says:

Lucky here in Tampa, FL….papers are $1 @ dollar tree stores & $2 regularly elsewhere. Not able to buy in advance on Saturday, but I am happy with the $1 price.

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