2 NEW HUGE PSN SALES | PlayStation Store Deals Live Today – Extended Play & Hot PSN Deals Sale

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2 NEW HUGE PSN SALES | PlayStation Store Deals Live Today – Extended Play & Hot PSN Deals Sale

A large sale just went live on the PlayStation Store today (Wednesday, October 13, 2021), with a total of over 450 games and add-ons being discounted. A full breakdown of the price reductions for EU, UK, USA, CAD and AUS is provided in this video.
This Deals End on October 28th, 2021.

0:00 Games Over 20$
4:03 Games Under 20$
8:26 Games Under 10$
13:33 Games Under 5$
14:46 PlayStation VR Deals

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PlayStation Portal says:

Giveaway rules.
Write down which gsme you would Buy.
I would buy….
Every comment with "Buy" enters the giveaway.
Every comment is one entry, members comment is 5 enteies. Winner announced on Sunday.
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AchiBoy 1 says:

I would buy mafia trilogy

Sauce Lover1942 says:

I would buy red dead redemption 2

Tyler Jacobs says:

I would buy titan fall 2

Jake Greening says:

I would buy red dead redemption 2

Tara Green says:

I would buy red dead redemption 2

James Trine says:

I would buy red dead redemption 2

Riner Flat says:


Ryan Gatler says:

I would buy red dead redemption 2

Hazza Gazza says:

I would buy red dead 2

Sazzad Syeed says:

i would buy the witcher 3 have been waiting for sale for ages last time it had a sale I didn't have enough so it would mean the world to me if I won

Cub says:

I Would Buy Hitman 3

med ys says:

thanks for the video brother

Jason Walsh says:

Lots of great games. I would buy a time machine and tell myself to have some patience….and then proceed to get almost all those games at super cheaper prices. 👍

Rommel Flores says:

I would love to buy Witcher 3 with the sale price. That will be awesome mate!

The Gunnerz27 says:

I would buy Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Med 47 says:

I would buy Watch Dogs Legion

Alizey Farooq says:

Red dead 2 hell yeah definitely gonna buy it

White7 Wolf8 says:

Gonna buy borderlands 3 and witcher 3

Jack Great says:

I would buy control

zahraa zahraa says:

I would buy wicther 3 wild

Gato Facha says:

I would buy The Walking Dead The Telltale Definitive Series 🧢

حيدر الياسري says:

I Would buy wicther 3 wild

OG_BlackReaper says:

I would buy Call of duty Cold War as it’s always what I wanted but never could afford

Miguel A. Feliciano Carrasquillo says:

I would buy hitman 3

monty 17 says:

I would buy terrira

kurosaki ichigo says:

I would buy witcher 3

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