20 Tips & Hacks For Getting The Best Deal On Hotel Rooms

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20 tips on how to book the cheapest hotel room possible. Looking to score a deal on a great hotel? These tips & hacks will ensure you get the best price on your next hotel stay. First: Be flexible
Go when other people aren’t. The rule of opposites. Business destination? Go during the weekend. Resort like Vegas? Going during the week. Even consider this within a single city.. San Diego by the beach in the summer will be expensive. Cheap in the winter.

2 – New Hotels
Hotels that just opened typically have really low occupancy levels and often offer prices well below the competition to get people to know them.

3 – Not the major chains
Particularly internationally
Especially if there is only one of that particular chain in a destination
Find the local chains. In Japan: Toyoko Inn, or JR Hotels. In Taiwan: K Hotel

4 – Coupon Codes and Affiliations
AAA, Senior, through your work
Find coupon codes on FF blogs and flyertalk
Use the flexible dates search to find a day with your rate

5 – Promotions
Find promotions on places like travelzoo, groupon, and the hotels website
Check promotions like stay 3 nights get 1 free. Might not always be cheaper
Free breakfast, resort credit
Get more points promotions

6 – Stay for a long time and book in advance
Long stay rates, advance booking rates
I always book hotels if there is a remote possibility I’m going

7 – Be creative with your searches
Going for a week? Try searching for a day at a time, just the weekend, just the weekdays.

8 – Check a few aggregators
Kayak, Expedia, agoda, TripAdvisor
Maybe a country specific one like Rakuten
Make sure you are signed in when you search

9 – Also check the hotels website directly
Make sure you are a member of their loyalty program

10 – Get the hotels credit card
Free perks like breakfast, late checkout, just for having the card.
And you’ll earn more points for the booking

11 – Other Credit Card perks
Amex FHR
Citi Prestige Card
Buy 3 nights get 1 free

12 – Price Match
Found a lower price on somewhere else? Many hotels have a low price guarantee and will beat the low price somewhere else.

13 – Keep checking the rate
Rate might become lower as the date gets closer.. rebook the lower rate

14 – Book a nonrefundable or prepaid rate
Usually 10 to 20% less

15 – Book last minute
Hotels tonight

16 – Bid on a room
Dont care where you stay? Use Priceline to bid on a hotel.

17 – Be creative
B&B, AirBNB, Hostels, Capsule Hotels, Overnight trains, day room

18 – Buy gift cards
Often can find gift cards at 10% off face value

19 – Use points
For free. Or cash and points. Dont get suckered in to “Premium” rooms

20 – Experienced an issue? Let the hotel know
Might get a discount.. or even a complete refund

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Yellow Productions says:

Want cheap flights? Watch my video on how to get good flight deals: https://youtu.be/JzoSdPdytnc

Check out this playlist for all of my travel advice videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOVadUHX1B-ISzNV0bH2Ew_kfhOi9K8qc

SAM says:

how will we know that which hotel is new or old if we go through booking .com to book the hotel

Jared Ebeling says:

Book a hotel in your country on an overseas travel website (even after currency conversion) you can sometimes save huge 💰 money

Pixie Trout says:

Since when is $80 a "cheap hotel"?

Tiny Rick says:

You look like Don Self (Michael Rapaport) from TV Show Prison Break!!!

lydia reyes says:

You deserve my 95% approval for your presentation. Because you were candid andgave detailed examples and explanations. I go to hotel rates and reviews on TripAdvisor and Trivago. And I go to a 3 or 4 star rated hotel with a 8.5 out of 10 feedback from hotel guests. Better deals with lower rates can be booked on slightly popular and recommended hotels on the list. Location is most important followed by cleanliness. The free breakfast fare is also a good come on.

coraljk says:

Thanks Chris! I saved twelve dollars by rechecking my room rate. Wow! I feel empowered.

John Russo says:

Tip # 20 doesn't seem to apply at the Residence Alma Marceau in Paris. I got ripped off for $10,000 when I reserved on booking.com. I made a reservation and canceled it 3 hours later and the hotel, Residence Alma Marceau in Paris, charged my AMEX $10,000. I have been trying to get my money back for a year. The hotel said booking.com charged them $1700 commission. Amex has been useless in resolving this issue. Stay away from booking.com! And if you think that big annual fee you are paying for your AMEX card will get you some help, think twice.

Quoc Bao says:

Hi I have a question: For example: I have Wyndham credit card, but since hotels.com has better rate, can I reserve on hotels.com and pay at the hotel using my Wyndham reward credit card and still get the points?

Gabriela Knox says:

Another strategy I use – doesn't really save you money, but helps you get more for you your money. I have a budget I want to pay per night – lets say $200. What most people do, is they look for the best hotel they can get for this price. Sometimes it's worth it to look "one level down". A premium room in a 4 start hotel is often much better than the cheapest "low level, no view" etc room in a 5 star hotel.

Hai Nguyen says:

More tips: Negotiate the rates at the front desk for upgrades. Offer to pay with cash if you have it (hotel doesn’t have to pay commissions and card fees to anyone).

bigfellaoo7 says:

Airbnb is a good choice to save money.

Aaron Phelps says:

Always remember that they have their tactics. For example, "there's only one or two rooms left" is a lie 95% of the time. As in buying anything, always act as if you are just price shopping. A more specific example, when booking, they ask where you are going? Never let them know if you're ultimate destination is the city of the hotel room. If they think you might drive further or less to get a better deal, they will offer a lower rate than if they know they have you locked in to stay in that city.

Tony Rivera says:

Great tips! Don’t really like #20 to complain for a discount. Obviously if you have issues you need to bring those to a managers attention but some people without integrity will use this to their advantage

Dayan Osorio says:

Someone take me. Heres my adress 409 alderton ave la puente ca.

Dayan Osorio says:

I wanna go to las vegas.

Jack Brown says:

Great video! I 100% agree with all of this… I'm currently booking a hotel for Myrtle beach. 3 months out, and I'm just confused on what to do 😫. Booking.com has the room the same price as the website, but booking has free cancellation. Hotels website makes you buy protection for $30, but offers free breakfast every night as well! So it's a hard decision. What do I do?!!?

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