2011 Kia Sportage EX, Detailed Walkaround.

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PianoKeyz says:

best looking 480p I've seen

bestdiegoo says:

excelente maquina

tududecarfreako says:

@ExoticKid02 lol no, its designed by an ex-audi designer. He used to work for audi but is with Kia now, and has really wroked wonders for the company.

Tommy says:

@jdmidiotssuck Actually, the designer FROM audi helped kia with their design

Ethan Moreau says:

There's a lot of traffic.. where are u at?

Samantha Abreu says:

@jdmidiotssuck okay. they might steal designs from whoever.. but their the ones who make their cars really good deals. this car is only $27,490.
yeah. its that.. its an amazing car and its that. whilst audi mey have beautiful designs.. but they make it a rip off, you'd be paying over $40,000 for this hun.

Tamaz Locale says:


Grumpy Gills says:

LOL no wonder it is so noisy he just parks on a busy road with trains and cars everywhere… nice walkaround though.

jabber jaw says:

If this had Lexus badging people would be drooling over it.

cmackenzie89 says:

@GSBG7 the front part (over the driver) opens fully, the back panel is a fixed one

Dwight Castimore says:

No the front part only opens. And the car starts with the fob in a slot in the arm rest when it's battery is dead, not a key. The key will open the door but not start the car.

Realtime Reviews says:

what did he say?

John Carson says:

@n2n4n Its starts at an MSRP of $18,925 for a Base model and $24,795 for the Loaded EX model which I must say is more then a bargian, Its practically a steal. Im not to fond of Kia but they are diffently showing progress.

n2n4n says:

how much does this cost?

Indiaanbe says:

The GPS is can be set in 3D. I've tested it. Also really good drivinglanesupport.

kopee35 says:

@Dcelk88 congrats men!!

Phillip B says:

@ihategeneralmotors more Audi

Daniil Taran says:

Thanks, Love the new 2011 Kia Sportage, so beautiful, can't beat the price.

Billy Slone says:

thats an awkward place to have to put the key fob…. in the glove box.. lol.. Hmm, Kia will learn! They're just not startin off on the right foot with their vehicles..

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