3 AWESOME Amazon Hacks! Get Amazon DISCOUNTS, Promo Codes, And FREE stuff from Amazon!

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3 Websites that will give you major Amazon Discounts and FREE Stuff from Amazon(#3 is my Favorite). I never pay full price at Amazon and people always ask me how I get FREE stuff from Amazon. Well this is how!

#1 https://www.snagshout.com/

More inf: http://amzhackers.com/2016/12/31/best-amazon-hack-ever-huge-discounts-and-free-stuff/

#2 https://app.jumpsend.com/deals

More Info: http://amazonhackers.com/2016/12/14/hack-how-to-get-free-stuff-from-amazon/

#3 https://purse.io/?_r=AmazonHacks

More Info: http://amazonhackers.com/2017/01/03/get-an-amazon-discount-of-30-on-anything-by-using-this-hack/

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PawZilla Smash says:

any sites for Canadian amazon?

Dean Greene says:

Go To Google And then Type: FreeCodesXXX This is definitely the purely working buy habbo credits working from this month. Don't waste the precious time in other methods

Captain Awesome says:

1. Why you didnt mention Vipon?
2. I cant create an account on jump send :/ Im from Germany and everytime I try to make a new account and fill in my information and do the Im no robot thing and click create it resets the site instead of mailing me a verification EMail 🙁 Anyone can help?

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lalababyy22 says:

how are they connected If I just got off the phone with Amazon and they've never heard of "Purse" before ????? please explain that

Shawn Fouler says:

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Luis Gorgonio says:

Does it work


do you need bit coins for purse?

Jeremy Baehr says:

you a bitch

Jun Doe says:

I just got a iPhone 7 plus 3 pack screen protector for 0.8 cents from jumpsend thx u just earn urself a subscriber 👍👍👍

Lior Ibn Ezra says:

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Cartooni worlds says:

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gary zhu says:

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Kids Kidos says:

YZAJPN mercari promo code

Couponzpoint says:

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Ben Swick says:

This video helps out a lot specially when I'm on a budget for a refurbished iPhone 6s and the prices on them are out of my budget range and using name my discount on purse really helps me

The Legendary Entertainer says:

hey buddy I really need a good laptop to continue for my study. but I live in India and I live in a poor family. so please tell me a way to get a good laptop for free please. it will be much helpful for my study

Amazon Hackers says:

http:AmazonHackers.com is back up and going strong. Thanks for all the support!

Rhys Patten says:


Rajni Arora says:

It is a crim

Rajni Arora says:

Yeh bar bar mat kro yeh ek offence hae

Anh Hoàng says:

Give me a $ 50 amazon gift code is not I am Vietnamese and I need money to heal my mother please help me hoanganhlon2k@gmail.com

poonam singh says:

jump send doesn't works at india

Leo Velaryon says:

Use my link to get $5 for signing into the Amazon App the first time: http://amazon.com/mrp?refcust=LAITH6872N&ref_=mrp_10005_shr_ss

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sadallah chahine says:

how to  get bitcoin?

Shashwat kanungo says:

I am living in India so jumpsend will work

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