$350 CVS Couponing Haul Week of 8/20: It’s Raining Coupons!

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Melissa Chochard says:

👄👄👄👄🐞🐞🐞You crack me up..Love your video's..Use IamMagic_Tballor on INSTAGRAM….READ HER RULES…she is no BS…LOL

Beauty OnABudget says:

Where have you been I miss seeing your hauls

Couponing SegParsons says:

Deals direct from the Boston Globe gives on Saturday

Christinia Peake says:

you did that with those deals. Try dollor tree for Sunday papers in there all week. I'm in Md I dont know if all of them do it

Tiffany Starks says:

Thanks for the videos. I just subcribed to you a month ago; do you have any videos using only digital coupons?

Pamela Carter says:

Great haul. Try Klip2save.com.

couponsareawesome says:


I make them at 1:59 A.M.

Le Ann Thomas says:

You are so funny! Good deals!

Cecily Erker says:

My region didn't have the Garnier coupons

New2 Coupons says:

Awesome haul

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