$5/$15 Gain Coupon vs Ad Scan

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Della Mae says:

I personally love your videos and i am a newer couponer and i find it very easy to follow your breakdowns and if i pay 7 instead of 5 on a 30 some dollar ticket u will hear no complaints from me ..lol… thank you for all your help and great info that you are kind enough to share with all of us!!! I feel like when things dont work out the way ppl think they wanna find someone to blame but they should email their DG store instead of getting mad at you…i appreciate any help with couponing i can get and i follow only ppl who have been doing it along time like u because they know the couponing game ins and outs the best …

Carmen Reyes says:

Definitely love your Kroger video. Can't wait to see the next one you do. Question, do you think the Gas deal is worth it. I think It is $48 a year or a month not sure. If you know what I'm talking about , sorry I'm confusing myself lol.

Carmen Reyes says:

Love You Mrs. Danica!!! Thank you so much, I love the way you are up front. just saw the video and really appreciate everything you do. Be safe.

ANNA montalvo says:

Don't get frustrated whit stupidity….🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

cdavidson53 says:

I did the $5/$15 gain today and got laundry products. oop $4.80, saved $11. Happy with my deal.

Heidi Newberg says:

First I wanna say I love your videos and thank you for all your hard work to help us save money!

I always go into the app and search products to see what coupons are attaching. Just did it for Gain in general and the $5/$15 is attaching to pretty much everything here in SW Missouri except the Febreze. When you do the search it will say Deals Available if there are coupons that attach. Then you can click each one and see exactly what is working.

DULCE paredes says:

I appreciate your help so please don’t stop responding us🥰

KeeshaMarie ! says:

Hi danika. Is a Dg Exclusive coupon the same as a Dg store coupon? Can i use one of those with a manufacture?

Cindy Clark says:

Thank you for everything you do❤

rashedah 9 says:

Love your videos! You're content is very helpful. Thanks for all you do!😀👍

Maribel Rivera says:

I hate family dollar

Beverley Wilson says:

TY for this vid Danika. I hope my post on FB this morning didn't upset you. I am scanning all my Gain items at home b4 I actually go shopping, and of course you've taught me to always have a backup plan. I truely appreciate all you do to help people save money. Couponing from the 💗

Maribel Rivera says:

Good morning love your videos, I tried and the 5 off gain is not attaching to the Gain Febreze. But the manager was nice enough to do it manually.

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