5 MUST DO CVS DEALS (7/12 – 7/18) | GRAB 16 ITEMS FOR FREE!!!

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Printable List of these Deals HERE: https://savvycouponshopper.com/5-must-do-cvs-deals-7-12-7-18-grab-16-items-free/


Target Best Deals Video: https://youtu.be/9Mjf4XRzq_8

What to Buy in July: https://youtu.be/ecu5ztFHzr8

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5Pearl Craig says:

Double stuff oreo are life

Lisa Cochran says:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Lorna Doones, its so good when I make banana pudding with them!!!

SkinnyJenny_VSG says:

LornaDoone is my fav!!! Spend 30 deal please 😁

dmbascom35 says:

Lornadune is the best

Janet H says:

Hola, my favorite is fig newtons MmmmπŸ™ŒI may not go shopping this week.. Thank you for your wonderful videos!! ❀️

Gabrielle Dimming says:

Lorna Doone

Jrs Jrs says:

I love chips ahoy, I will love to see the spend 30 get 10 at cvs 😊 thanks πŸ™

lil nae says:

We love the OREOs, CHIP AHOY, Lorna Doone , and the Nutty BUTTER … 5 must do deals!!!

Juan Meowmix says:

I like chips ahoy!

trista allen says:

Oreo double stuff!

Tracy Kenyon says:

Oreos! Yum! Love ❀️

ryan fortes says:

I like Oreos but my kiddos loves Chips ahoy. I would love to see much more unadvertised deals. You make my couponing easy to work with. I always do the exact deal that you did in you previous videos. Keep it up.

Sherry Powers says:

Oreos are my favorite!

Chris Ferraro says:

Chips Ahoy!!!

Quin’s Family Exploring says:

I like to see more Scenarios for spend $30 get &$10.

Tracy Fox-Tanga says:

Double Stuff Oreos!!!!!

Shanni Rinestine says:

Team Oreo ! Thank you for sharing these !

Abi Y Laura says:


Cheyenne Stewart says:

I love the spend 30 get 10 deals at cvs

Carol Matsune says:

I love oreos.

Karen Rodman says:

Lorna doone and chewy chips ahoy. Another CVS spend $30 get $10 video please.

Linda R says:

I love Oreos CVS deals would be helpful!

Niki Stinnett says:

Oreos are my favorite cookie

blakfire94 says:

I absolutely love oreos!!!! And I would like to see the walgreens video

Rosemary Gapay says:

Oreo are my favorites!!!

Patricia Spikes says:

Love all cookies but Oreos are my favorite!

Lori DiLemme says:

I love OreosπŸ’™

Jennifer Taylor says:

I like the Lorna Doone cookies best.

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