6 Apps for Everyday Savings

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These apps are great tools to save lots of money on groceries, home products and gas! Even if your not really into couponing, these money saving apps are an awesome way to spend less and get money back on things you buy every day.

The Apps:
Gas Buddy – http://www.gasbuddy.com/
Grocery IQ – https://www.coupons.com/coupons
Ibotta – https://ibotta.com/r/nrew
Checkout 51 – https://www.checkout51.com/account/offers
Mobi Save – https://www.mobisave.com/
Saving Star – https://savingstar.com/

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Nick Matyaszek says:

If you live on the East Coast, check out Get Upside for gas rebates. If you use code MP9SG, we'll both get 20 cents/gallon off your first purchase in addition to the rebate offered by the gas station. The rebates can be partially layered on top of supermarket gas rebates. But be sure to claim the offer on the app BEFORE you fill up and submit the receipt pic. Enjoy!


KatieLynn says:

Great video, you are stunning! I liked and subbed. I would love if you checked out my channel and subbed back if you like it ❤❤

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