AIC #11 Family Size Stouffer’s Deal!!

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Family size stouffer’s deal when you buy 2


4hrhair says:

Mine is about the same $5 each. What a good deal! These suckers are 12.99 reg price and if you buy 3 you end up paying less than the price for one reg price!

QponHoney says:

yes you doing it for My krogers didnt have the family size for 2/5.00 that was the price for the individual size. The family size was 5.99 for me but still good after couponi pd. 4.49.

4hrhair says:

I have been hittin' Kroger hard this week and it's only Wednesday!!! LOL!!!

QponHoney says:

I will be krogering

4hrhair says:

It runs Monday-Sunday. Tfw!

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