All the Best Nintendo Switch, 3DS, and Wii U Black Friday Deals

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There are tons of Nintendo Switch, 3DS, and Wii U sales out there and we gathered them for you!
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cordes batchelder says:

No Mario Kart 8 Deluxe sale? I'm sad………..

OmegaFire says:

Sonic forces is already 30 bucks on ebay, so not much of a black friday deal there, maybe 15 dollars would be plausible for black friday. Deals need to be 80% off to compete with the second market.

Dark Magician says:

If price does not drop for Nintendo Switch on Black Friday, I would wait until Cyber Monday, and hopefully price should drop on

christina cumba says:

Very helpful. Best Buy seems to have the best deals.

Isaac Howard says:

Imma grab Xenoverse 2

seargeantfirstclass says:

So recent games like doom, l.a noire and skyrim won't go on sale?

Ricky says:

GameStop is that ex that just doesn’t get it at this point

UntemperedLink says:

Black Friday is just another US 'tradition' which i wish had stayed over there. Every year in the UK it gets worse and worse and seems to last longer and longer! Black Friday now seems to last a week and a half, and most of the 'deals' are no better than you can find at any other time of the year.

kamal sanni says:

did you find a good deal for micro sd 128 Gb or 256 Gb.( for the switch) ?what i see so far is still very expennsive to my taste

11910blackops says:

Thank you for this video, I'm looking to pick up a new 3ds or 2ds model at least.

Sammy Potatosalad says:

Ooh… I might finally get Yoshi's Wolly World. I would love a Samus Returns and Miitopia sale also.

Angry Commenter says:

Where's the Sega content, I thought this was a Microsoft channel. I guess you're a Sony fanboy.

Super Mac 64 says:

I'M going to see if I can get Mario + rabbids kingdom battle! Btw why did you sell your copy that game?

Karim Sagich says:

lol who wouldnt spend the extra 10 bucks for the 1tb slim

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