All ULTA Christmas Deals! + What the Morphe Stand in Ulta what are they selling

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Not shown, Mac, Clinique and the ulta 72 piece collection set mac have been reviewed in the past feel. free to watch my previous post
i pretty much covered everything as of this date not sure if there will be more

Part 2 is now here ❤️ including black Friday deals ⤵️

but of course ill give an update asap so make sure you sub 😘❤️

btw about my comment about I wish makeup artists that works for vendors also deserve a pr package is because i strongly feel that if you have more experience with the products then you can be more knowledgeable about it. Gratis will not cover everything. im not saying youtubers dont deserve ofcourse they do they work hard and i know how hard it is to edit and be bashed for pretty much anything lol. okay? because again somewhere out there, theres going to be a sensitive ass who will mis understand what i’m saying. I made this channel with peace and love so if you have so much drama… girl bah…

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21 pairs of lashes try on and review

Makeup Brushes review⬇️⬇️⬇️

BH sculpt and blend 10pc brush set

BH cosmetics Eco Brush set review!

BH cosmetics Pink a dot 14 pc makeup brushes

BH cosmetics 14 piece brush set (pink)

wet n wild brushes

Real techniques

Profusion Brush vault

$14 artis brush set dupe 10pcs

Jondrae surprised me with the Naked vault video:

unboxing christmas gift from jondrae 2016

Based on my personal experience

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spooky liz says:

Morphe section starts at 21:16 ur welcome

emily valentin says:

are the morphe eyeshadow palettes in ulta the "NEW" eye shadow formula?

Karen Smith says:

noone ever likes to tell where they get super low deals. so here, ill share mine and some of the prices are negotiable if you contact them. and to top that off its free shipping in u.s and canada on all items. make sure u share the blessing!

Yodit Seifu says:

It’s called import tax darling

Crazypeoplerus18 says:

My ulta doesn't carry any of this

EH CBunny says:

Most companies are looking for 'business partners,' like inflensters. You should contact their marketing department and submit your business offer and they may be interested in sending you products for your influence based on your viewership.

Ashley Somebody says:

I wish you would tell us the prices…

BreezyNatural says:

Great Video! I have to check them out!

Cherry Bucca says:

Taga saan ka po sa philippines maam 😃

Enchantment Rocha says:

😱 heaven

Barbara Cervantes says:

Super helpfull thanks

All things Beautiful says:

Shopping without shopping . Ty for this video!

Michelle Castillo says:

Girl yes these shitty ass youtubers who can't do makeup for shit get pr. Basically just have hundreds of thousands followers because they are crazy or fun to watch. Like Laura lee for example. Her annoying af subscribe to my channel song got her attention. But anyways rant over. People like you and other professionals deserve it.

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