ASMR Soft Spoken ~ Junk Mail/Coupon Review ~ Southern Accent

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Let’s look through the junk mail…


Well this sucks says:

it's really late but watch the address on that junk mail


Loved your accent!!! Discovered your channel just now, watching this video, it is awesome!!!

MrsFunshine says:

Oh heavens this is lovely and I'm only about 5 minutes in. I just subscribed to you having loved your Aldi haul. I was torn just between which of your videos to watch next as I've just spotted about 5 that I need to watch! Love and thanks from the uk 🙂

PrimalMouse2k3 says:

I Love your voice its soo much amusement to me 🙂


Haha Dinty Moores! I remember that as a kid. So I opened a can of that and a can of Alpo beef chunks dinner for my beagle and they looked the same!

Maisy Lavender says:

i wish i could stay on break a little longer and watch more of this video.. i'm so relaxed, and i'm genuinely interested in looking through these ads lol

77lozenger says:

So glad I found this video love love love it! 👍👍

emmapeut says:

Please make more of these! I always come back to them, they are great for distracting me when Im stressed or anxious

19Luke89 says:

Everybody write or put a sticker on your letter box saying "NO JUNK MAIL". Lets make the world a better place by starting with simple things. We all get that weird feeling when your letter box is backed up with useless junk mail so now its time to take action. Who's with me? 🙂

Rachel Lyons says:

You are SO good at reading upside down.

Jenifer Sheppard says:

I love this video, but daaayyyummm I pay SO much more here in Canada for groceries. The cereal you listed is 2.90 Canadian there… but its 6.99 here! (You can't find cereal boxes for less than 5 dollars… and that's on sale!) Great prices

Iva iva says:

Soft spoken is the best!

UTUBE5388327 says:

you have a **New Fan!** also from the American South! great job!

Amie Hughes says:

I must have watched this at least 10 times. One of my all time faves. Keep up the good work 😊

Alyssa Racquel says:

Further proof that you can read literally anything and your voice it mesmerizing every time!

Matt H says:

so many tingles…

Sam Doucette says:

I love your videos 🙂 you should do a home shopping network role play, I think that would be very tingly !

V Mulford says:

Fell asleep to this so fast! Thank you!!

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