Beware of the promotion trap | Glenn Weissinger | TEDxPurdueU

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Counterintuitively, it’s rare for a person’s job to align with his or her passions. Seasoned executive, Glenn Weissinger, explains how people accept promotions over the course of their careers leading them to professional underperformance and stressful lives.

Glenn Weissinger spent over 36 years in the aerospace industry principally in the areas of strategic planning, operations research and business development. He recently retired from the position of Vice President – Strategic Planning, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics. He is a recipient of Purdue’s Outstanding Aerospace Engineer award for lifetime achievement.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


Morphelia says:

What if you want to self demote ??

AeroGarage says:

Technicians promoted as managers without proper skills, training or even vocation. The untold truth of the industry. Terrible management happens then. Thanks for mentioning that.

Isabella Natasha says:

I watched this after i signed the contract for spv position. It's my second day being at the position and i have already had mild depression 😅
This guy is right, we often hesitate to turn down the promotion cz we're too afraid not to get the same opportunity. I reflected on myself before i was in this current position and i was happier. Idk whats going to happen but if i could turn back the time, i wouldnt take the promotion for the sake of my healthy mental state and sanity. Be wiser guys!

Bre H says:

Becoming a youtuber after not getting the promotion at the unit I am and for which I was qualified. Why wasting time and talent on a place that your talents are not appreciated? 🤔

R K says:

Than you 🙏🏻


Great talk!

John Novakovich says:

This man is wonderful, humble, and so wise. Love this video

John Novakovich says:

I don't want to be rich, I just want to be comfortable. I want a bit of security and the freedom from living paycheck to paycheck, but I don't want to serve a Porsche or a mcmansion

Party Tomorrow says:

oh noo im not saying to act now im saying im foreshadowing for when the time comes

Party Tomorrow says:


Party Tomorrow says:

they do love her nationalist people they love their own ethnicity

Party Tomorrow says:

you all are built to fail

Party Tomorrow says:

when they get promoted how will it affect your job as a youtube star well look at t-series vs pewdiepie

Affixx says:

Seek a raise not a promotion, got it

Jwebb0230 says:

Not gonna even lie to you. Im taking this with a grain of salt. And im seeing a lot of excuses in the comment section…but you didnt hear that from me


Identify your dream job
Right for you?
Critically examine promotion

Josie Terry says:

Thank you for this message.

iamthegame09 says:

What a brilliant video and so true to form…personally and professionally speaking I'm actually rather averse to the idea of promotions because I'm always sceptical to how politically charged they tend to be…like, for example, years ago in work an opportunity arose, I put myself forward only to be told "we won't be able to give you this one because X has been here longer than you but there's something coming up in a few months and you'll definitely get that one"…needless to say when the second one came up I declined to be put myself forward because in my mind I prefer to be rewarded based on merit, not because I was "next in line"…so yes, I was expected to go for the second promotion and when I didn't management weren't too happy but I did find a way to still enjoy my work and continue to help others…I trained in new employees and prepared THEM for career advancement…alot did move up ahead of me which was very much o.k. with me and if I may say so myself I really enjoyed helping others find happiness in their careers….so for me, promotion?…no thank you!

Jo Ro says:

now I'm even more depressed about not getting a promotion at my lousy job.

Heilker 7 says:

I’ve been chasing my dream and i got side tracked with the idea of being promoted where i work now. i needed to see this. I find it funny that it was recommended for me right now. Either way very helpful

Mr Hallman says:

Great insight and advice.

Chump Johnson says:

I have found that when my success depends on others being successful I’m going to work a lot harder than those I’m supervising. I’d rather be an Indian than a Chief.

Chigirl D says:

Great video. I was recently offered a promotional grade position near family on the west coast. I love taking on jobs that challenge me but at the same time I'd like to keep my sanity. I will keep this video in mind the next time I'm offered another promotion.

K. Hall says:

Watch at 1.5x

Custos says:

Meh. What you should do instead of identifying your dream and following that blatantly unreal notion is by sticking to the mundane. Ask yourself, what could I do that I'd at least not hate and that I could do day, after day, after day, after day, after day, after day, after day? Do that.

Bill Wong says:

This is an important topic that nobody really talked about. For me, I know I resisted the promotion in my own industry in terms of work place. I tried out this kind of position on interim basis and I prefer that way. But on the leadership front, my bulldog self got the best of me. I keep on going for opportunities that have more responsibilities and privileges. I also am extremely involved in my professional industry.

It took something outside of my industry to give me a reality check that I have been falling into this kind of promotion trap. What I have really learned is- just because my friends can handle these “promotions”, it doesn’t necessarily apply to me. Also, passion is one thing, ability to follow through such passion is another.

Rumble Reviews says:

this is so phenomenal and it's on a subject that no one ever talks about. I just went through the same thing recently where in my past I was always excited to get promotion to move up the chain. In my new company the same thing just happened but I was not excited at all and I knew it would be a step backwards. I did not fall for the promotion and I'm continuing being happy where I am just being a hundred percent commission sales rep just being responsible for my own destiny. becoming a manager in the company would have been extremely detrimental to my stress levels and what I brought home everyday.

Rawan Reda says:

This was so helpful. Thank you!

H A says:

I turned down a promotion before watching this video. Everything he mentioned made perfect sense with my decision. "Promotion trap" I never heard of this but I do appreciate your video.

meelustrike says:

See to find a job that matches your personality, doesnt make sense but your desire yes, if the job matches your shy, reserve, no talkative personality, what job is that? a warehouse job? or just apply for disability?

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