Champagne taste on a Shoe string budget? Zaful Look Book!

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Items links:
Off The Shoulder Pullover Sweater:
Sports Leggings:
High Neck Wrap Sports Bra:
Slash Neck Relaxed Sweater:
Hooded Padded Double Zip Up Parka Coat:
Cable Knit Sweater:
Chunky Knit Sweater:

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Halloween Heathen says:

Purple is definitely your color. You look absolutely STUNNING in it!

Makeup. Bria says:

The first sweater is so dang cute!!

jameel P. says:


Brianna upton says:

Your gorgeous 😍😘 love theese outfits you made their so stylish

Naokijt says:

Super cute taste! I love the blue/grey robe but I don't think you linked it? 🖤

cashmerethebeauty says:

OMG, I want that hairrrr

Anahata Love Recordings says:

You are a goddess.

swim.distractions says:

A real doll! I love your character!

Alysse Samara says:

These sweaters are soooo cute omg!

Nia Fennoy says:

I’ve been smiling and cracking up watching this whole video. Everything’s so cute & you’re so goofy and funny 😂 you got some moves too sis!

Heather Davis says:

Cute video ❤

Katrina P. says:

Keep doing your thing beautiful! You really are talented! 💜

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