Clipping Coupons ASMR Soft Spoken, Juicy Juicy Grape Gum Chewing, Coffee

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I even make a few phone calls in this video…lol…enjoy….please use headphones though…😊
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Jamie Leonard says:

I love your gum chewing sounds and it helps my insomnia so much! I was wondering if you could make some of these videos without the gulping/coffee sounds. Thanks for all you do!

Laurence Hartnett says:

your videos are the best on YouTube. love the inclusion of big league chew and especially the coupon cutting vids

sulako 81 says:

a truth artist.tank you!

Aly Gomez says:

Please make the magazines/catalog vids a little longer

twenty five birds ASMR says:

Oh my God, those nails on the pages…gah… <3

Jose Prendes says:

I love the mix of roleplay here, but the abrupt ending was odd. I would love to see you do a grocery store checkout roleplay, I think you would NAIL that! Still one of the best.

Kylie Becker says:

This is one of my favorite videos of yours so far! I would love to hear this for one of your 60-75 minute videos. Thank you so much for taking the time to make such great videos, Angela! You've helped my insomnia so much.(:

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