Complete 7 piece Cook Kit By Alocs

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Alocs Pot kit:

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Jon-Paul JP Lamoureux says:

Spooky I saw that this morning on amazon 😳 looks ok 👍

Sam C says:

Is that a Banggood special Mike?

Wingman115 says:

Hope your doing well Mike. Thanks for posting.

Edward Gomillion says:

That's a nice kit! Especially for Arizona where we often have no wood burning days. Thanks for the review.

Leonard Contarino says:

I like that stove.i totally agree you could burn wood in there. It put a piece of hardware cloth in the bottom to keep the wood up off the ground.

Ed MacMillan says:

Thanks Mike, great discription, I have this set and it is good. I put a bail handle and made a lid for the bigger pot and use it over open fire all the time. outside is black but other than that no ill effects from fire.

Mike Robbins says:

Mike, It looks good and I paused the review and looked it up… Not to expensive as you said. Saw another brand that looks identical too. Meanhoo or something

Kaylynn Strain says:

that is one nice looking cook set

Vancouver Island Bushcraft says:

I have one of these and they work great

Hector Alicea says:

Awesome cooking pot and stove. Thanks for the review

Frank Baker says:

Two things I learned from you: "And you could even…aah, nevermind (as you flipped the main stand upside down, I saw what you were thinking, use it like that too, upside down with wood in base and pot on top). Then later you put stove in pot and I could see using the ring on top of the pot to heat the cup. Great minds think alike. I like. Oh, towel can be used to wrap silverware to prevent rattling, or wrap matches, seasonings, etcetera.

Paully D says:

nice looking kit. thanks for sharing!

Brian Spencer says:

Thanks Mike: Never seen it before & I want to check it out Brian 77

floyd rowton says:

Thank you sir keep up the good work

Diane Villemaire says:

Thanks for the review

James Lane says:

👍😊 good review

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