Convoy L6 3800 lumen Flashlight review includes link and discount code to GearBest deal

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Both black and silver models on sale,see links and discount codes below

Convoy (Silver) L6 Cree Flashlight 6000-6500K-$67.43 Online Shopping
Convoy L6 Flashlight
coupon: L6DEAL

(Black) Convoy L6 model
Coupon: CL6Gift
Price: $49.99

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matt peter says:

Ltk, keep it up. The l6 has great heat management. Infinite run on turbo, if I remember correctly!

EarlyMist says:

I've had this for a year too like yourself. I just wish they would release a stock smooth reflector for massive throw!

Hugues D says:

great price for such a flashlight. I like the double spring system on both ends of the batteries, which makes it impact resistant.

Jeff Heilgeist says:

That really is a Monster , one Hell of a Club. I like it. Very nice.

jeffrey brothers says:

ltk have you ever purchased from

Steve Kluver says:

Very good LTK.
For a guy being new to flashlight reviews. You sure do have a knack for picking out some great ones, to start off with.
This Convoy L6, is the best all around, general purpose, utility flashlight for the money. In the world right now. It's what has replaced the Mag-Lite flashlight, for many. A rock-solid gem!

Right now, Mag-Lite is still only offering a full sized flashlight (MAGLITE® ML300L™ LED Flashlight), with a max lumen rating of 694. It's pathetic, how far they have fallen.

MrGeerbear says:

LTK- The Convoy is a great flashlight. I gave mine to a crew restoring power during a windstorm in March. They had no lights beside the headlights of their truck and were thankful to get a hold of this torch. Very bright and sturdy. I saw a video where a guy, with many swings was finally able to de-form the light. Yet it still worked. A great torch for the price.

polarweis says:

There is a new convoy l6 coming with also clear ano but with one that looks more like the bare aluminium instead of this silver one. Great light btw

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