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Hello and welcome to Taken Creations.

Today’s gift is a coupon book!

This is everything you pretty much need (as you can tell, I just finished the previous video and jumped into this one because I have everything out). Also, I’m summarizing what is said in the video…

You’ll need: construction paper, 2 piece that compliment each other. Fold in half, both ways, then fold the halves to the middle line, to make 8 rectangles (coupons). Optional – a ruler, scissors, a pen, optional – stapler, and glue.

Move everything to the side, and cut out the rectangles. If 8 coupons seem too much, you can always cut down the number of coupons you want to give.

Once they are cut out, use one to measure the size for the cover. Grab a new piece of paper, and use the ruler and pen to mark your measurements. Make sure your cover piece is slightly longer than the coupon, you’ll need the lip for a reason. And cut of the piece.
Measure the first cover up against 1 coupon and fold the lip.

Measure out and cut a second cover.

With the 1st cover, fold the lip in half again. You do this because once all the coupons are together, the stack is thicker than the 1st fold and if you try to fit it in that way, it will push out the coupons and the coupons would look longer the than the cover. This gives you more room to deal with.

If you don’t have a stapler on only have glue, you would glue just the left edges of each coupon to each other. I just stapled mine because it is faster and easier. (Before you do this step, line up the coupons, and see where the lip will cover so you know how much room you are working with).

Once they are put together, it’s time to fill them in. You can put anything you want, just make sure you honor what you write.
I decorated the cover with some hearts (1 for every year), I also put the same amount of hearts on each coupon.

I’m going to show you (and maybe this will give you ideas if you are drawing a blank) what I decided to put down on the coupons.

The 1st one is a full body massage, I have ‘see restrictions on the back’, that way if there needs to be any specifics about each coupon, it will be written on the back and as well as a ‘use by (a specified date), that way there is a time limit to each coupon. So on the back, I put that he must sign it, I break down the hour massage (10 minutes per body part (ie. back, arms, hands, feet, legs, & scalp). It can’t be combined with other coupons, no cash value, and no refunds… I just like putting those on there to make it feel like a real coupon, plus you don’t want them to combine all the coupons at once… trust me!!!! The 2nd one is Scrub-A-Dub, so if he wants me to make one and not have to wait around it. Next is a Back and Scalp Massage. Messy Work Space, I’ll clean his office, which I never do. Feet and Legs Massage. Spa Night, this is the 1st time I added this coupon in, so we’ll see how it goes. Full Body Massage. And finally, Create Your Own! He can make this one anything he wants, like any massage but he can’t try to use it to combine multiple coupons into one.

Once you have all your coupons filled in, it’s time to put the booklet together.

Put glue on the staple, the put in the cover. Next put glue on the top of the staples and press together.

Next put glue on the lip and place the top cover on and press down.
(I still didn’t feel okay with just the glue, so I also used some tape).
Then you are done!

Hope you enjoy!

Once again I would like to apologize for the audio, I use my fella’s recording equipment and I wouldn’t touch it without him but being that these are gifts for him, I can’t have him see this… which leaves us with bad audio and my mess ups! 😉


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