Coupon Book.

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I forgot to mention, I used a scapel to score along the dotted line so the coupons should tear out easily and neatly.

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misskatybug2008 says:

Love this! 🙂

rkbbfilmers says:

That's a really nice idea and your coupon book looks really well made, which is nice because it shows the efforts you put into making it 🙂

MyShowbizName says:

Awwwww that's soooooooo cheap.

But nice.

Blue Skies says:

Séan it's not after Christmas.

Bláithín Ruadh says:

Coincidentally I actually did this for my mam thus year too! Although I just put them in a lil pouch I made because putting it in a book seemed way to complicated at the time, yours looks great though 🙂

BrickBreakGaming says:

That is one of the most adorable ideas for a family gift ever! Nice job, man! – Colin (the same Colin as ColinFilm) 😛

tgerald says:

Great idea. Let us know how she liked them.

Ryan Harper says:

Epic mate good job.

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