Coupon King Has Trouble Scanning His Coupons At The Register | Extreme Couponing

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Scott calls himself the Coupon King. But things could take a turn for the worst when his coupons won’t scan.

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Steph's Chihuahuas says:

What a man, what a man. What a mighty good man!

Sam S says:

I would hate for people like him to come to my register 😂

Zaina Salman says:

He is preparing for Corona virus

audreyndew says:

I need to learn how to do this!!!!

Aubrey Borecki says:

That’s where all the toilet paper went

Lanell Hall says:

Extreme couponers worship money and things above all else. Their insane stockpiles don’t make me envious, it makes me pity them.

Adéla Beránková says:

Dude was more excited about buying diapers than having a child

Harlan Glassman says:

They knew The Covid was coming

Sherrie Myles says:

This show are super old like 5 to 7 yrs old.

Christopher Leal says:


jade ac says:

asshole you still had to pay

jade ac says:

shes a whiny b

jade ac says:

at least you kept your belly covered

Mao Kujo says:

I love that they use…reusable bags for their groceries.

Jennifer Coleman says:

Don't blame him for getting cheap diapers. Hes a good dad getting stuff for his family. Not just himself

Dov Gadol says:

He is ready for corona

Marilyn Willett says:

Should be entitled 'men turning into women'.

Yousif Aljanabi says:

At least he is prepared for Corona

BintonB says:

Dude seems like a massive douche. The way he spoke to the cashier was rude

A M says:

Couldn't he make more than he saves putting that time into something else?

dream jules says:

he coupons so his wife can have gucci purses

Natalie Nelson says:

disliked because Scott is a dick

nuggp says:

"in our house, full price is the f word."

kid: "YOU FULL PR-"

dad: grounded

No.Filter Sarah says:

I wish I couponed

Cardong Agimat says:

These people are geniuses. They are "hoarders", yes, but their strats on saving money and their mathematical equations are really advanced. They, for some reason, find a way to make something, cheap. Their patience in saving up coupons and waiting for more coupons leads them into saving money. The lesson is, be patient, stay in school, and always be confident.

Idontgame Gaming says:


Zapz_Tv says:

400 rolls of toilet paper and I can’t even buy 1

MJ Martin says:

Mental illness in America.

Bre says:

“It looks like your prepared for some kind of nuclear holocaust”.. well…I mean, the coronavirus is the closest thing to that right now 💀

Destiny Francis says:

Scott took all the toilet paper from stores!!! That's where it went

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