Coupon Mail Call: Victoria’s Secret Rewards Card & FREE Coupons (4/4/16)

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Today was AWESOME!!! I got back 2 of my Victoria’s Secret Secret Rewards Cards today!!! Thank you so much Franzella J for the awesome letter and coupons!!! Thank made my day!!!! Thank you so MUCH!!!!

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Nice Strawberry says:

I heard they're cancelling the promotion now that a lot of people know about this. Do you know if this is true?

Pola Ü says:

How much is in the SRC's you got? 🙂

Jeddah Nahla says:

Got my 1st VS card today! Thanks Dara for your videos 😃👍🏽

Jacqueline Ruff says:

Hey Dara, I wanted to stop by and let you know that I thoroughly enjoy watching your videos! Your energy is amazing, and I look forward to each upload– Thank YOU!! BTW…I love your hair! =)

Downtown on 7th Avenue Handbag Adventures says:

Victoria's Secret rewards card (takes notes and does google search)

Should You Buy It? {Reviews, Savings,& Couponing} says:

I haven't gotten mine yet. Hopefully I do soon!

Sweetheart JB says:

I love your hair gurl😜 you look super cute. Take care🙉🙈

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