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COUPON NEWS: Is Walgreens still acquiring Rite Aid??

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cara parker says:

This is store to store. May have a problem with that where you are.

LuLu Hayes says:

i had a problem with rite aid today as well. i called corporate and they got a hold of the district manager. district manager called me and he apologized saying we are the customers that they want and that he printed out the coupon policy for all the employees and now they r going to b getting trained as well. something to think about.

Jackie Tilley says:

I went through a similar issue at rite aid. My store only accepts colored internet printed coupons no black and white. Shame on those people who ruin it for all of us. To be honest the only way to end all the greed is do away with

Running Kimono says:

call customer service with the store number and ask if this is true? sounds very made up by the cashier.

Evan Lee says:

I think it depend on the individual store. Since someone use copied IP at your store, they cut off all usage. Might give corporate a call that they're not following company's policy. All the stores I go to still accept ips, limited quantity of course.

Guadalupe Cisneros says:

I just went to rite aid today & a manager actually ask me & told me to coupon from the Internet . The cashier was wrong. So sorry that happen to you

New2 Coupons says:

this is messed up

User_98 says:

That is NOT true. I work for RA and that honestly sounds like a made up rule by the workers of your particular store.

NOLAcouponqueen504 says:

Yeah they had a person photocopying coupons at my store and now my store gives me the fifth degree when I come and coupon. They know i coupon legitimately. ughhh!!!

Ashley The Extreme Couponer says:

It's a store policy. I would call corporate. I had a problem a while back at another chain and I called the main office and they called the store and told them they had to follow corporates rules.

Bobbie loves to coupon says:

Sorry to hear! Hope we have no changes? A manager told me a few weeks ago from a RA near me said they now have a way to check out fraudulent coupons. I told her that was great!

Larramy Gee says:

I wonder how that would work when my latest p&g read print coupon for the tide. No tide coupon was available in the insert. Do you had no choice but to print it. How fair is that if they don't accept the printable

Stock Whisperer says:

I went to Rite Aid this morning and they took my internet coupons. I know the other day the person at the register had to ask the manager if it was ok to take my internet coupons and she looked at them and said yes. Then the manager came over and said that people were committing fraud and making coupons. I thought coupons had a special code attached to each coupon….so I don't understand how they are doing this. But I am just happy that my Rite Aid is still taking internet coupons and i hope it stays that way.

Carrie Leonetti says:

I'd talk to the manager in person with the coupon policy pulled up on my phone. Ask them to show you where the change is on their policy. I had a similar issue at CVS with one of the manager. Seems like some stores make up their own rules cuz they don't understand the policy.

Dawn and Scott says:

Thanks for the video! My rite aid took my internet printables today so lets hope it stays that way and it doesnt change lol 😊😊

ItsDawnyWawnyTime says:

wow. I think this is the trend. I know in my area, they started cracking down at all the stores several years ago. tfs.

Trisha Wilson says:

It stinks so much how people misuse coupons and it makes it so much harder for us that do our deals honestly.

Karen Crook says:

They took mine last night.

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