Coupon Organizer: How a Pouch Can Make Your Shopping (and Saving) Easier

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Check out our extreme couponer’s favorite method for coupon organization – the coupon organizer. Tons of room for all of your printable coupons and ad inserts. Tips on how to make the most out of your organizer.


mary holiday says:

Does anyone know the dimension of the grocery basket where the baby sits? I wanted a coupon box to fit .

Tracy Nowaski says:

good duzin😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Kahna Emery says:

I'm thinking the same way-I never liked the restriction of the coupon 'clutch'. And I like those magazine holders! Great organizing system! I can do this-thank you!

OneFlorida Hippie says:

I bought one of those on Etsy also, but from another seller and that was the best thing I ever did. They're not nearly as cumbersome as a binder and for me, it's easier to see my coupons than in a binder. But no matter what anyone does, USE YOUR COUPONS! Thanks for the video.

Grocery Coupon Network says:

Sorry for the delay! This one is the 4" bottom.

Grocery Coupon Network says:

This particular organizer from GlowGirl on Etsy has the followingο»Ώ spec:
Organizer Measurements:
8” wide – you will rarely need to fold any coupon to fit
5” tall
4” flat bottom – room for up to 500 coupons!
Comes with 20 dividers and 160 peel and stick labels
Has clear vinyl business card size pocket in front for you to put contact detail in case of loss!
You can check out her shop at: etsy (dot) com/shop/glowgirl16

mimi says:

what size is the organizer in the video? i've been looking to purchase one because with 4 kids i just dont have time to keep up with the binder anymore. thanks for sharing

Grocery Coupon Network says:

You're welcome. Thanks!

N. says:

Thanks for sharing your organization. πŸ™‚

Grocery Coupon Network says:

@skyeangel61 Thank you!

skyeangel61 says:

Awesome bag! Great video!

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