Couponer banned from!!!!

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Diann Aveda says:

There are many dishonest people doing that now. Last week I saw a lady in a store with a bunch of printables, and she asked me if I had coupons for the product I was getting, so i said "yes I printed my limit so got my two coupons" and she told suggested me to "be smart like her and change the number of pages before you print them, she said, That's what I do all the time…" you guys can imagine my jaw dropping to the floor, so I went ahead and told her that's coupon fraud and she had the guts to say " only if they catch you, so just use them in different stores"…that made me feel disgusted, it's a shame for thanks to people like these we are being harrased and getting stricter coupon policy at most stores. What a shame..

TheChicago35 says:

thanks for this info..

Norma Jones says:

This is what gives us all a bad name. I feel most people who don't know about couponing think we all want to rip off stores, fund terrorism and defraud manufacturers. MOST of us are honest and are just looking to save money.

michellesfrugallivin says:

thanks for the video. I sent you a private message.

Vernice Dennison says:

they make it hard for the honest couponers!

Tara Taylor says:

Wow the things that people do….just do the right thing….geez😕

Penny Giller says:

I use and Klip2Cut .both reliable sites……why would you sell coupons you print off to use? wow! So not cool. I try to use regular manufactured coupons but once in awhile I print coupons…why do a few have to ruin the program for the rest of us? Don t be greedy folks…free is wonderful but retailers still have to make something to keep stores open and pay employees and items are already marked up ridiculously high from wholesale which is why we have to coupon in the first place and work so hard at it for each purchase to get a lower price! Don t ruin it for those who follow the rules to save a few more pennies…stores are complaining about coupon fraud and not pushing legitimate coupons through….I just tried to use a manuf. cat food coupon that was totally legit on any type of Purina dry cat food and CVS would not push it through…..Incidents like this is why CVS is not over riding legit manuf. coupons claiming there is a lot of coupon fraud happening….I m trying to follow coupon rules as a newbie and I ve heard coupon fraud mentioned twice already and this is the third time now….Don t abuse the system or it just won t be there for us to use anymore! It will all be electronic coupons!

Crazy Couponing with Eric says:

Running Kimono: May I share your video on my Facebook blog?

Crazy Couponing with Eric says:

Wow!!! Be careful everyone!!!

Gina Schweppe says:

Love these little in the news videos of yours! Much better than prime time news;p

001pembroke says:

Than you for keeping us in the know. I like these kinds of videos and hope you do more in the future.

Ana v says:

Thumbs up!! TFS

Maureen L says:

I hope her stock pile is big. Her kind make it bad for us honest COUPONERS!

Dawn and Scott says:

Hey can you privately message me ?

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