Couponing 101: COUPON ORGANIZATION HOW-TO + Benton & Blair Coupon Organizer Review | Savvy Steph

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We all have our own preferred methods of storing our coupons, and for those of you that have just taken up the hobby you might be looking for more effective ways of coupon storage for on the go! In this video I take you through the progression I went through to eventually finding the perfect storage option that suits me. You will see in the video I originally used my personal handbag to store my coupons in a separate compartment, to going all out and cutting ALL my coupons stash and organizing it into a large binder, to then finding this perfect portable wallet, gifted to me from my husband. This may not be the perfect option for all of you, nor was my method of using the large binder the best (I am aware there are much better options of coupon binders that are much for effective for those of you that want to take all your coupons with you on the go, to give you the freedom of shopping for deals where ever you find yourself. But I thought it would be nice to share how I personally store my coupons that are already set up for specific deals as a few of you asked me to do so, from my previous video where I asked you all for video suggestions of what you would like to see on my channel.

At the moment my set up is purely for deals that I have already set up and are ready to go, and only carrying a few additional coupns for other deals which I may or may not pick up in those shopping trips. Currently I prefer to shop this way as I feel more organized band I like to plan my trips in advance. As couponing is not my full time hobby my organization isn’t as extravagant as one can get, but I will include options below with direct links to coupon folders, pouches and binders that are suitable for everyone, no matter your preference. If you don’t want to go with any of these options, I still recommend that you keep your couponing essentials with you in a separate pouch even if it is a pencil case or another great idea is using those pouches you may have received from beauty subscriptions such as Ipsy. They can double up as a great and CUTE way to keep your coupons neat and tidy, and easily accessible. Doing so reduces the risk of losing or misplacing coupons which could adversely effect your shopping experience. And I personally find that keeping your personal monetary items separate from your coupons reduces errors, and time at the register as everything as already been sorted and is ready to go!

I also forgot to mention another reason why I love my Benton and Blair coupon wallet is that the Velcro strap also doubles up as a handy way to strap the coupon binder to your cart when you are shopping, so that you can easily access it whilst you shop to deal match without it falling around!

Like I said at the end of the video I will shortly be uploading a second part to this video where I show you my coupon insert storage set up at home where I file all of my inserts from week to week. As we just reached the end of a year I will also show you how I go about removing older coupon inserts when they havea ll but expired, ready for new one inserts to take their place.


This is Benton & Blair Coupon Wallet that I personally have -

This one comes in a variety of cute colors and is perfect for those of you that want to take out a lot of coupons but don’t want to be lugging around a really heavy binder –

This is a great option for those of you that want to take out a your entire coupon collection. It has two zip compartments so that you can keep your grocery coupons separate from everything else and again comes in great color ways! –’swatch_271271′


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Hope Eyer says:

I have a similar coupon folder and I love it. It's much better than the plastic accordion type.

stephanie hershberger says:

The design on your coupon wallet is the same as my comforter and I love it!!!

ActivistGranny says:

I like your videos they tend to be long but very thorough and thoughtful. Thanks Stephanie!

buzzard5454 says:

Hi Steph I need that in my life. Definitely ordering. Thanks for sharing.

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