COUPONING 101 – Part I – How To Coupon ~ Where to get Coupons & dotcom

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This is the Printer I have …



healthy V chef says:

I wish theres free coupon here in dubai

saeed khameneh says:

I know what your talking about

Joah L says:

I have like 7 or 8 printers

Emily C says:

2 a week?? Quit after this video lmao

Marie Phipps says:

Do u still do videos on couponong

Dee Bowmer says:

I don't have a printer. What about coupons in my e-mail.

Lakisha Jones says:

but don't cause then you'll be bald lol

felicia bordeaux says:

thanks a lot to order coupons.

Eva Blythe says:

I love to watch your video, my name is Eva by the way. And thank you for sharing and giving us some ideas where to go search the coupon. I'm crazy in coupon i | love to save a lot. 🙂 thank you and god bless you as well as your family.

Just another Roblox pro says:

Hello can I just go to the walmart coupons and I just get them

Candy Mallette says:

her dot com had me laughing so hard it took me almost an entire day to watch this video because that's how funny she became

Amy Moua says:

I wish I knew you in real life because I need you to hold my hand at the store lol

Great Deals Galore says:

Thank you! Great info and helpful!

Ira says:

or a continuous ink printer…they save so much ink.

Both Botv says:

Your thumbnail is creepy

Diana H says:

I watch the videos and people buy
$ 1,000.00 worth of merchandise for say 5.00 is this real.

Wendee says:

Can u just screenshot the coupons n use them at the store?

Evelyn Vittes says:

Hey GM I hope I'm not to late I've been trying to get into the coupon and even thou I have a daughter & niece that do this and for some reason they don't have time to show me and then my oldest daughter tells me 'Ma go to youtube and how to learn coupon' so here I am I really understand and can follow everything you;ve taught so far.THANKS AGAIN!

Essynce Dix says:

Lol I Love You!!

Rachel Davis says:

Would love to chat with you and learn more about couponing.

Dude Perfect Jr says:

Starting for the first time ever. My youngest sister s doing the same for a while. So can always teach an old dog {me} new tricks lol. I have a big family and small buget.

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