Coupons 101 : Where do I get all these coupons?

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Learn about where to locate couons then – Learn how to make your own fast and convenient grocery binder. You don’t have to cary all your coupons to the store, just the ones you need. Save 66% on groceries and household items. By not cutting your coupons!! Learn how to sort/store your coupon inserts to use when store items are on sale. Watch other tutorials “Know Your Coupons” , “Stockpiling”, “Basics to Cutting Your Grocery Bill”.


warriorcycles says:

i told u fuck cue coupons niger

Jacob Mull says:

Lowes Foods in North Carolina will double any coupon up to $.99 any day they're open. 🙂


Is there any where online you can get coupons? I live in a small town all we really have here is kmart and walmart. Please help me.

cherrydiva1 says:

finally someone who explains clearly. thanks

Kristina Hendershot says:

@tewhjsa Not if it is stuck to a product…..that is frowned upon in the Coupon world. But if it is on a display and you think you can get a better deal elsewhere then by all means grab one.

AmandaAndLuis says:

at coupon sites like,, they let you print 2 coupons, but i have found that you can print more if you do it from a different computer. I have 4 computers in my house. and i will print 2 from ea computer.

redlips49 says:

thats great thnak you so much !!

Lindsey Cox says:

Florida doesn't double coupons. 🙁

Mark E Pugliano says:

Your are an absolute fox! Thanks for the great advice.

MsRolley says:

thanks so much

amyyyamy says:

whats the background noise? blowdryer? vacuum cleaner? 🙂

Silver120 says:

so i have to buy alot of news paper?

kitten and manle Daniels says:

thank you so much for explaining some things. I am still new to couponing butttttt..I am going to do this..

Baked by Lorre says:

Lots of grocery stores (and you'll hav e to check with yours) Automatically double the amount of savings for coupon valued at .50 or less. For example a .40 off coupon would show up on your reciept as -.40 then another line under it would say bounus -.40. I shop at Kroger, Publix and Food Lion. they all double and Food Lion triples a couple of days a month and offer Seniors 5% off on Weds, so I take my mom! Find out your store policies and work em!

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