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Naomi Hayyim says:

Hey Toni! I have a VERY important question, When you get onto, how do you know what stores you can use the coupons at? ive always just been really confused about that! please help me.

Nancy Moffler says:

There is a $5 digital as well as a $3 digital for a smaller size on the Kroger site

Shaveta Brock says:

I saw the tide coupon late last night now it's nla 😔😔😔😔

Kim McGrantham says:

If anyone has any hearing battery coupons and would like to trade for like baby item coupons or anything please lmk. My daughter wears bilateral hearing aids and blows thru batteries like crazy! thanks!

Kim McGrantham says:

OOOO!!!! Just saw you pass up a $3 off Blue Rino propane Coupon good on REFILLS!! Awesome coupon to use to switch out tanks at Walmart!!

jasmin ramirez says:

I thought I was hallucinating when I saw that tide coupon lol! I was able to get four

Aishwarya Venkat says:

Tide coupon is gone😩

Save With Chey says:

I was on last night and didn't see pantene or tide 😫 I'm going to check, those are awesome coupons!

Thismomlovesmakeup says:

Walgreens has the 5.00 off digital tide coupon the tide was gone when I got to the store

001pembroke says:

The 5.00 coupon is available in Target cartwheel.

Despina A says:

$5 off tide is on the cvs app as a manufacturer coupon!!!

Evelyn Flores says:

I missed them :((

Mistie Just Living The Dream says:

Do you ever sleep? 😜 I didn't get the Pantene or tide and I'm out of ink 👎🏻

Maria Vicinaiz says:

no tide coupon here

Talimama Hardy says:

Now the Tide coupon is not even loading.

S.L.Murph says:

tide one is gone, ty Toni 😃 Also there is 3 zantac coupons on there 2 $4 off and 1 Cvs $5 off.. I printed all 3 maybe Cvs is having a deal on them coming up soon

Zahra Kanji says:

Tide NLA. Really p&g wtf.

bleigh8793 says:

Darn… Guess I wasn't fast enough! Thanks anyways, Toni!! xx

Michelle Dulaney says:

I snoozed and missed out 😴😩

Chelsea Pratt says:

I guess the early birds do get the worm!! Tide coupon gone. ☆♡☆

Pam Hocker says:

Hi Toni, the $5 coupon Tide coupon is gone! I'd try to search under household and it's no where.

Linda alay says:

good morning I have just saw it and it's no longer available so sad…

Kayla McCloud says:

I was able to print the tide 2 times from my phone but by the time I got it up in my computer they were already gone!

Ann Stanley says:

Would not let me print the $5 Tide coupon from my phone or laptop. Other coupons printed just fine! Grrrr!!

Lisa Duda says:

Good Morning Toni just thought I would let you know the fabric softener you talked about that on ibotta is not harried at any of the Wal-Mart's in my area let me know if you find them I can send you the coupons I printed . Have a wonderful day also a Wonderful and safe 4th

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