Coupons – Store vs. Manufacturer – how to tell the difference

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Any store coupon can be stacked with a manufacturer coupon on 1 item.
You would not stack 2 manufacturer coupons or 2 store coupons on 1 item. (The only exception to this is at Rite Aid where they allow you to use 1 manufacturer coupon, 1 RC49 coupon, and 1 RC48 coupon on 1 item but this is rare to have happen.)
For store coupons, look for the words “store coupon” and a store barcode.
Manufacturer coupons typically list a remit address for Texas where as store coupons will not.


Anjessb B says:

Hunny if I'm not mistaken I think I have seeing you stack at Rite Aid a Catalina with manufacture coupon, now I'm more confused I being following you about 2 years

Apriyile Colmore says:

Im alllll confuse… what about the actual use of using the coupons in the stores how does that work can you do a video of you actually in the store and a step by step on how it works? im sooooooo confused!

Pfister Faucets says:

We just subscribed to your channel. Love the couponing tips, keep them coming!

michellesfrugallivin says:

Those CAT coupons will actually work anywhere because they are regular manufacturer coupons. It comes down to if the store will take a coupon with another store logo. I never tried it at Walgreens but the Rite Aid I shop will take them. But this can also vary by cashier. Some of it could come down to the words redeem at or redeemable at or redeem only at.

Lori Groen says:

You showed a RA Q and a WAGs Q that were the same (catalina) except for the RA or WAGs Q. Would you have been able to use the catalina with the RA logo at WAGs and vice versa?

michellesfrugallivin says:

Reading ALL of the coupon is important. As you can see in the video on the Rite Aid video value coupon, it says "manufacturer coupon" but it is a store coupon. Knowing what to look for on the coupons is important.

michellesfrugallivin says:

thanks for watching and hope your friend can get some use for it

michellesfrugallivin says:

thanks for watching

Suzzieqt1 says:

The best thing to do is simply read the coupon carefully. For the consumer, there is no reason to start reading barcodes, or looking for the city of redemption. As you just saw, it doesn't always work that way.

Tiffy Truth says:

Hey Michele, great video. I have a friend who is starting couponing. Great timing and awesome lesson!


thanks for the clarification. Very helpful!!!

michellesfrugallivin says:

you are welcome

michellesfrugallivin says:

thanks for watching 🙂

michellesfrugallivin says:

I take them when I know that I am going to use them. I don't just go through stores and take every one that I find. Often they at the wrong store, so I take them and use them at the other store.

Totines7 says:

? How you feel about getting peels of products? Is that ok what is you experience about that thanks for your time

stewleo says:

Excellent info. TFS. I learned something about Walgreens and coupons.

titalopeztl says:

Ty for sharing 🙂

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