Coupons to Print & Insert Preview 6-25-17

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Perla Madrigal says:

in Cartwheel Target there's a $2.00 Off ONE Huggies Wipes 555ct

daschundloverable says:

Hi Jen, I went to do the Neutrogena face wipes at Walgreens last week and was told I could not use the IVC booklet coupon with my printable, because they are BOTH MANUFACTURER COUPONS.  SO, while I was expecting to pay .29 for each, I didn't do the deals.  I called corporate (this was Saturday) and the girl and I could NOT find anything in their policy concerning this matter except for one short sentence about "management discretion".  SO, the girl at corporate said someone would call me from the store and she just did.  BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH……same old sheet.  HOWEVER, I did get the WHOLE BLEND COUPONS in my inserts on the same page where WALGREENS gives the description of the deal.  It is about 1/8 page big.  2/$7 – less $2.00 from store + $2.00 off from most newspapers. SO now,  the manager from Walgreens say, OH, if it's an ad like that, then of course I can use both a manufacture coupon and their IVC coupon.  I told her that I am new to couponing and I am learning from all you girls on YT and that it works for you girls.  I am livid, because of disabilities (many of them, including MS and none of my 4 limbs work normal) and I live alone on 10k/yr. I was not about to pay more than .29 for 21 wipes.  For your animals, a great flea deterrent, believe it or not, is found in the laundry section.  It is BORAX powder.  (It is not harmful; it is natural BORON and I have even taken 1/8th tsp. in distilled water, 8 oz. to eliminate parasites, so it will not harm your pets; in fact it might be very healthy for them if they were to lick it).  Put some on your hands and put it throughout their coat.  I even put it on my carpet to rid my house of insects such as fleas.  An  alternative is diatrameous earth, but is a lot more expensive and I did not think it worked as well when I put it on the outside of my house to kill insects.   Oh well, just wanted you to know about the IVC booklet.  Would your husband know anything about this policy they are telling me about, or where I can find something to back up using both coupons?  I'd appreciate it greatly.  Thanks for your videos.  You are very helpful.

joane Wojtowicz says:

You must live in my location I got same ones never whole blends or loreal

Donia Gonzales Copeland says:

Really great Video.

Ana v says:

Thumbs up!! TFS

Birute00 says:

Some good coupons! LOL useless coupons!

Michelle Jones says:

funny but not funny when you said…look, more useless coupons! i cannot wait until next week for colgate!

Rissa Gonzalez says:

Going to DT to pick up my paper!!

Sephora Tampa says:

thanks for sharing God bless you 😊

Hanna Domjan says:

bravo! Big Thumbs up! Have a happy day:) Hanna and Mia

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