CVS 6/4/17 Coupon Deals and Matchups With Father’s Day Gift Ideas and a SURPRISE!!

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Some Fabulous Coupon Deals Are Going On for the week of 6/4/17 at CVS! Also Some Father’s Day Gift Ideas and a Sweet Surprise! Want to see the breakdown? Click Here:

Want to check out getting free CVS Gift Cards while getting gifts? Hop this ride over to SWAGBUCKS and we will both get some extra!

Can’t Find My Gift Cards Plus? Here’s that link:

Want to look at the AVON sales for Gift Ideas for Dad?

Want to see the other Gift Ideas?

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Lisa Caulder says:

your video was very helpful… I'm new to couponing!!! ☺ I love the new little puppies, born on my birthday!!! I had one that was 6 months old & I think someone stole her!!!

Sugeira Hernandez says:

so cute…..

Laura Lehman says:

If you need extra ensure $3Β coupons, I can mail you some again……….

Norma Vasquez says:

Ohh 😲 …. congrats on your grand boo babies. And as always ty for sharing the savings tips and deal breakdowns

Sunfrog T-shirt Zone says:

We've typically got a one-track mind when it comes to Father's Day gifts: something stylish, because even the most low maintenance of men love to be spoiled from time to time. Ahead, we've rounded up items any dad will likely love to add to his wardrobe β€” especially since it's coming from fashion-forward you! β€” from versatile accessories to a new pair of kicks. Scroll through to shop or get some ideas, then check out the dad clothes >>>Β

Penny Giller says:

Some people donate to charities on holidays or birthdays….the dad s favorite charity.

Penny Giller says:

I think you covered most of the Father s Day Gift Ideas….sports shops on line maybe that sell RedSox hats and such or Stubhub for baseball games or maybe even a concert day has been wanting to go to to relive his glory days or change of life lol! Batting cages, golf gift certificates to local golf courses…..your on the right track….Take care of those beautiful puppies…..I watch a show called Kitten Academy because I have cats and they rescue baby kittens and do a live stream of the kittens playing….It would be nice to watch one with puppies as well…I miss my dog….only can have a cat where I live…

Emilia Chen says:

Thank you for sharing this. I am confused about what is RP and what is RBC?

New2 Coupons says:

thanks very helpful

AttachedToTen says:

As always, thank you for the preview! And congratulations to Boo! She is so adorable with her little puppies😍

Penny Giller says:

I shopped at Petco on line and I got Swagbucks….it was so cool….I m getting there for my first giftcard…ty for sharing your wonderful ideas…you go the extra mile! Love your pups babies….sorry about the littlest one…

Finding_Nemo &Me says:

There's 2$ off coupon for garnier fructis in coupons dot com

imaginecreate says:

Great video. Thank you so much. Please show us video of Boo and the pups as soon as you can! πŸ™‚

Lindy Hahn says:

Thanks for the breakdowns! I had a quick question that maybe you can answer for me. The Almay bogo coupon says get a free eye product with purchase of an almay COLOR cosmetic. Does the wording "Almay color cosmetic" mean any Almay product or is there a line of certain cosmetics (that says color) that they sell that you have to buy? I was wanting to do this deal with the 80 ct eye makeup remover pads and didn't know if that would work?

Debra Robertson says:

Awe sweet fur babies! Thanks for your video.

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