CVS Best Deals 4/2~ FREE Deodorant, Cheap Body Wash, Cheap Tide

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Arlene Betancourt says:

Hey Gina, u should switch it up. I enjoy u shopping at cvs

Deanne Fraser says:

Thanks Gina..

New2 Coupons says:

šŸ¤— great haul

New2 Coupons says:

my card been doing the same thing

Ms. Taz says:

Hi Gina, you should scan at the red box more than once because the coupons are not all coming out at the same time. lately I have been scanning my card 3 or 4 times to me sure everything comes out.
Also, CVS hasn't been restocking their store for the new deals on Sunday. I thought couponers/shoppers had been getting to the stores early but I got to the store a few Sundays at 8:30am and it was the same from the Saturday before. Just a little info. thanks

Lily Salgado says:

thanks Gina for the deals of the week šŸ˜ŠšŸ‘

Penny Giller says:

I ve been getting emails from CVS that give me the coupons to send to your card on your phone…so check ALL YOUR emails from CVS and follow what they say to do….I got 20 more coupons plus a few from last week…so a total of 32 coupons from CVS….so check your emails….then you send them to your card….they still print out at the CRT and are on the register so you never miss out getting them…..that was where all my coupons were….inside an email you had to send to your phone CVS app….

Craftyquadc56 says:

mine in app shows them in categories like New, Just for you, baby, extracare bucks etc. šŸ˜® I thought I had nothing then I noticed that is different into categories

laronda Bullock says:

have you noticed that the Red Box coupons are now manufactured coupons.. see the MFR , you can't use coupons with them. FYI

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