CVS Coupon Haul for Deals starting 12/31 – 1/6/18. Only 88 cents each great finds & freebies

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CVS Sunday Coupon matchup Haul! Amazing deals and Freebies this week only 88 cents an item and some great clearance finds as well! Thank you for watching!!



Reina Juarez says:

Hi, I’m from Orange County, California. I need ur help pls, I’m fairly new to couponing. I’m panicking I have a $10 ecb that exp tomorrow. I saw ur breakdown for cvs load to card I was hoping it was all load to card. I also don’t get p&g. What can I use to be able to do p&g? Thank You in advance πŸ™‚

lisa p. says:

Nice haul. I usually don't do P&G deals cause to me it's too stressful to figure what to get and have to spend $$ oop. I had $19 that were going to expire within 2 days so I decided to copy your deal. LOL! I know I asked in another video if you by chance get Redplum in your newspaper. I no longer get it here in California. Why do you think they discontinue it?

M E says:

HI! This is for next weeks deals but CVS has a new coupon ( for $1 off colgate toothbrush and there will be a deal buy a colgate tb for$3.99 get 2 ecb and there is a $1 coupon coming in the inserts so with that and cvs Q they will be free! πŸ™‚

Thais Thompson says:

Its a struggle we all share…thank God for phone calculators while in store.

Thais Thompson says:

Your ecb’s will print once you reach the 98% rule. So in this case of eucerin you only spent 19.38. $19.60 would have been 98% of the 20.00 requirement. πŸ™ƒ

Melissa Chochard says:

Love your spirit….Love that you donate…Happy New Year

M E says:

Nice haul! I've heard rave reviews on that Loreal mascara! I went to get my paper and planned to hit up cvs but had a dead truck battery that won't keep a charge πŸ™ It's gone dead a few times so I had a feeling it needed replaced soon….and yep…today was the end of it. Not starting my new year off so great with no inserts but…there is always next week if I can manage to get a new battery. Love the clearance items you found (ya can't go wrong with anything Snoopy!) and thanks for the heads up for next weeks deals! Penny is super adorable btw! <3

Blanca Acosta says:

Okay so I wanted to try to start couponing in January I wanted to ask you again where do I start getting my coupons I know you say the newspaper but I wanted to ask you where would you recommend me since my income is slow to start getting the inserts you have really inspired me to start on this journey and I really want to help my out my family like I explained to you before so if you could let me know I'd really appreciate it God bless and thank you for your time

Forever Scher says:

Wowww! Great deals!! Tfs!!

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