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Couponing With Kayla says:

I accidentally said Schick Razors in the video but they are Gillette as shown in photo, sorry about that guys. 😉

Elizabeth Galarza says:

👋Kayla, is there a way to send a cvs gift card that I got through Ibotta to my cvs account? Or can I just show my gc on my mobile to pay? Thanks for your help.

Kimberly Barkholz says:

Is the $2/2 digital for the mascara on everyone’s account? I’m not seeing that one.

Monica Jill Murphy says:

Great deal!!!

Lisa Marshall says:

Thank you Kayla

Michaela Southall says:

Does the babo reset Sunday?

Keren Alves says:

Bless your heart for the printable list! 💕 can the ECB’s be applied to the same order or do I have to use them in my next shopping trip?

Yesenia Martinez says:

Hi , im new here 👋👋
Essence mascaras are the best, they are sooo underrated.

Ashley Burnett says:

If you bought the Babo toilet paper last week can you do the same deal this week?

Gina Chase says:

I did the Babo toilet paper last week. Plan on doing most of these deals except the razors since I don't have the right coupons or the spend $20 get $5 . Thank you for the breakdown and videos. Love them!

Marissa Stelly says:

Hello, love your videos and all the helpful content. I'm new and still learning. I am also one of the unlucky folks not getting anything printed. Crossing my fingers something prints tomorrow. Anyway my question for you is does everything start new on Sundays? Like you mentioned we can get another toilet paper on Sunday. So if I already did this Crest deal last week and got my $5 back can I do it again on Sunday?

Giselle Araujo says:

Hi! So I’m new to watching your videos & want to start couponing, I wanted to try that deal where you get the $1 for oral toothbrush, scope mouthwash & toothpaste but & I did everything correctly but I’m stuck on the part where you can use the $5 extra bucks, now can I use those on that transaction or would I have to pay the $8.97

Jessica Melendez says:

If you don't have the $5 digital can you use 3 $5 paper coupons?

Jesusisthereasoniliv says:

Thank you Kayla!

Agerie Ejigu says:

I see that Babo tp!

Eileen Landucci says:

I love the essence mascara! I got it at Ulta a couple of years ago since it was so highly rated. And I couldn't believe the price!

Fallon Livingston says:

Great deals! My favorite is the dial body wash. I’ll probably use my $4 off $20 on that. The spend $20 deal this week just isn’t catching my eye. Thanks for all your hard work!! Love your videos!!!

Krista Pelkey says:

Is it the shick razors or Gillette razors I'm confused

Gianna Marie says:

I love the essence mascara! I’ve only used the black and green tube for the past 2 years lol

Jennifer Nanez says:

Why is it when I scan my phone at the box I never get CRT.. it alwasy says there are no coupons a available. How do I get them?

Noemy G Bautista says:

Hello where can I find p&g for sale I would like to get more but the people I’ve found I don’t k ow if they are selling them too expensive. How much should I pay for them?

Tessa Vance says:

My 6 off 30 is going to great for these deals.

margaret says:

Thanks so much

Sophia Andersen says:

The lash princess mascaras are amazing!!!!!! Their reviews on Amazon say it all. I use these and a waterproof mascara on top and it’s the best combo ❤️

Anita Kirby says:

Happy Friday sweet lady
Have a wonderful day
Thank you

Jodi Betcher says:

💕 Thank you, Kayla! Great breakdowns. 💕

Alexia Johnson says:

I do have a question i see ads on the CVS flyers about mystery coupons at the red box, I have never gotten any . Would you happen to know why ?

Cat Girl says:

Your razor deal photo is showing Gillette razors

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