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Lisa Marshall says:

Good morning Luellen!

Betty Birkner says:

Thank you for your help. I appreciate step by step.

Lourdes Cruz says:

Great video. My order went thru and used extra bucks too. TY

Christie Meller says:

With your CRTs, both in the app and online, you can pull up the CRT and then click "shop this deal" to see what items to which the CRT will attach.

I have noted that, since January, there are multiple coupons that CVS codes incorrectly, and sometimes COMPLETELY wrong (like, only qualifying items on a paper CRT are antacids).

I just checked the coffee/tea CRT and very few items are applying, one of which is Nestlé Quick. 🤷‍♀️

Even crazier, the only Gevalia listed were K-cops, but the bagged coffee showed in stock and on the item page, it listed the coupon. I actually just bought 2 along with some Maybelline to burn my care pass for this month.

Online CRTs are a hot mess. Good luck!

Felicia Dependable Angel Services says:

great video and information thanks Felicia Dependable Angel Services on YouTube channel, online at CVS is too limited for me, I been doing in store

trista allen says:

I did the wet n wild deal 3 times last week, and received all my ECB $21 worth, but they trickled in, in groups of $7 as the order shipped in stages.

Caitlin Sheehan says:

i LOVE these videos! thank you for making them 🙂
question: where will i see the extrabucks i earn from online orders?

Mary Collier says:

Certainly appreciate these online tips…❤️Thanks so much..

Mrs. Magical Monica says:

I snagged those antacid tablets with an order last week. 👍🏽

Mrs. Magical Monica says:

The Wet n Wild and Irish Spring deals are really good. I plan on picking up some Gold Emblem spices while they are BOGO 50% this week and I have a $2 off $8 spices CRT.

Jb Gem says:

Thanks,❤️❤️❤️I did online deals. I hope all is safe.

Arlene Liechty says:

These step by step are super helpful. Thanx
Stay safe!

Myrna P says:

Hello I had about $40 in ecb from online deals I had made. Well they have disappeared. What’s worst is that their customer service line is currently shut down so I can’t even get help. I’ve sent emails and still no response. So beware. I’m going to hold off.

Dora Chavez says:

Thanks for sharing, Luellen 👍

Fallon Livingston says:

The wet and wild deal got me! I thought I was so careful! I did the deal I did not get my ecb. It then said I still have have to pay $2.01 to unlock reward 🤦🏼‍♀️. So I will pick up something else.

Brenda Bodwin says:

I have never paid for shipping. As long as the order is over $35 BEFORE any discounts. So, if you dont have a carepass item, you can still get free shipping. I've had orders that were as low as $3 out of pocket, and still got free shipping, because it was over $35 before coupons, CRT's & discounts. I don't even have carepass.

Crumcake3 says:

It's funny…I have a 4.00 off Aveeno oat mask… I placed two oat masks in my cart and it did not apply. I choose one set for 12.99 and the CRT came off. You are so right you have to play around with the items and decide what works well for you. I appreciate these videos. It gives me ideas.

Patrick Yockey says:

I can’t even use my Extrabucks online because of this error: We couldn't apply that offer because your order subtotal is less than the required amount. To qualify, try adding more items to your order. I have over $100 in my cart.

Priya says:

$22 worth of my extra bucks disappeared and idk why because they were new extra bucks for my recent order last week any ideas?

Aimee says:

If you do the Maybelline deal 3 times you will get a $15 ECB. I did not notice the limit yesterday. I saw that on Wet n Wild and now I might try it 2 times to see if it works. TY and have a groovy day! xoxo

Linda Crandall says:

They sure are going fast. I had cereal in my cart and before I could check out they were out of stock. Was less than 5 minutes and yes I have been having the same issue with others also. Oh well better luck next time. 😥

Kendyl Heyer says:

I love your videos so so much!!

Kimberly Good says:

Totally screwed up my online order. I bought Wet N Wild to roll ECBs and forgot about buy VS spend offers and paid with Extra Care Bucks. Blew that one! Oh, well. 🙁

Just Frugal Me says:

Thanks for taking us on this blog!

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