CVS PERCENT OFF COUPONS ~ How are they applied???

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I hope this video is helpful in understanding how CVS % coupons are applied!

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B Peltier says:

How do you get emails from CVS? Didn't see it on their website or app.

Rebecca Delafuente says:

Yup I just figured this out myself. Never again. LOL I will be sure to use extrabucks when using a percent off coupon. Great Video!

Kc Erazo says:

If I use a $10 off of $40 purchase for example , is that also deducted before the percent off?

9023rsd says:

Thank you for today's lesson πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

tina reese says:

can you use the percent off on food items?

tracy armstrong says:

A video on your stock up prices please πŸ™‚

Edith Forsyth says:

Thank you for sharing and for your time.😊 God bless you and your family

icy blu 88 says:

Thanks for making this video Savvy, it was soooo helpful! I have always wondered how those percent% off coupons worked in transactions.

I was wondering if you could do a video on where you explained how using 2 different CRTs that are for % Off on products would work together, or how a %Off CRT & an emailed %Off coupon would work in combination during a transaction?

Also, I was wondering, if one received a refunded ECB from customer service, and you used that during a transaction, would that be deducted before the %Off coupon as well like the others?

Thanks for all your help Savvy – have a wonderful week πŸ’œ

Vi Heyman says:

Can you use two % coupons, like 40% off Garnier Facial and 25% off purchase, for example? would they stack?

Sharmeen moona says:

Omg i also stopes getting percent off coupons

Tammy Liller says:

Can you tell me how often you scan and get CRT's from the Redbox. The Redbox only allows me to print 1 time per week, if I scan it again anytime during the same week it says I'm a super scanner and that I've printed my CRT's for the week.

Sabine Barnes says:

This video was very helpful in enplaning the percentage off coupon. Thank you

Lit Hot People says:

Great video

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