Discount Code for Heinnie Haynes (CODE NO LONGER VALID) SEE UPDATED VIDEO

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The guys at Hennie have been great and have given me a discount code for YOU!! this will only last till 7th Jan 2013 so order your gear now for 5% off.

Discount Code: FERMANAGH




Fermanagh prepper says:

well fella was goin on your page 2 say got the forarm sorted on the shotgun just ended up puttin loads of gun grease on it, easy sulitions r the best lol but aye came across this vid never heard of this crowd be4 so went on there website lots of nice stuff but i was lookin a catalogue sent out but nothin on site about how 2 get 1 how did u get your catalogue?

funkyprepper says:

lol – twatter, facebook – NEVER!!!!
its bad enough youtube eating my life away without the other 2 wankers lol
a bit disappointed you didn't fart – come on tom, pull yourself together
ha ha ha
take care you petite lad 🙂

MrFermanaghman says:

Ah funky! thats mad… I only found our yesterday that they are offering it. If u ordered it yesterday you would of found out quicker if u followed me on twitter lol.

Take care you big lump : )

MrFermanaghman says:

: ) I know! lol

MrFermanaghman says:

Ur welcome, hope you get some great stuff

MrFermanaghman says:

LOL Thought you would!

funkyprepper says:

great!!! wait for me to spend over £130 and then tell me the code – bloody irish!!! lol
thanks tom – lets hope it can be extended 🙂
well done you smooth talking bar steward ha ha ha

Wessex Blades&Bushcraft says:


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