Distribute Amazon Single Use Coupon Codes With Coupons Pro WordPress Plugin

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In this video I’ll do a general overview of our Coupons Pro plugin from Seller Coupons Pro.

This is a WordPress plugin which allows you to distribute Amazon single use coupon codes to your customers (or just a 1 group code).

Key features of the Coupons Pro WordPress plugin:

– Amazon Single Use or Group coupon code distribution
– Rotator links
– Lots of shortcodes for page customizations
– Countdown timer
– Header / Footer scripts for CSS, Pixels, Analytics, etc.
– Default images and content which you can easily swap out
– Out of coupons redirect

You can also watch this video on our site:

Overview and How To Use The Coupons Pro WordPress Plugin

About Us:

If you’re an Amazon seller (like myself) and wish to distribute Amazon Single Use coupon codes to your customers…

Our WordPress plugins will allow you to create a front end landing page to collect email addresses and a back end landing page to display unique coupon codes to customers.

Email capture is not required. If you prefer you can send people directly to your coupons page in case they are already signed up on your newsletter.

For more information, visit:

New Home Page


Vikram Kanuganti says:

How often does the rotator links rotate? Is there a pattern or just random? How many links can it support? Thank you 🙂

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