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DIY Disney Coupon Booklet!
Try out this quick and easy DIY, Perfect for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Random Gifts, Etc…
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God Bless n.n

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored video! ALL rights to Their Rightful Owners, Gracias!

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Silvia Ruiz says:

I love it❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🎀❤🎀❤🎀🎀❤🎀❤❤🎀❤

Lexi Foster says:

Hi made one of these for my friends and she loved it, thanks for the idea

Ali Bubba says:

good vid but why is she such an infantile at her age!

Victoria Miller says:

i cant figure out how to use pic monkey the overlays aren't working with my photos

Julia Corsner says:

She has small world playing as the background music!

Subat Rodoshe says:

She said " 8 by 10 square"….. I'm done, I'm literally done…. 😂😂😂

rutuja bankar says:

great ideaa!

Lupita says:


Emily Campbell says:

The movie night was my favorite! I might have a Disney Movie Night with my boyfriend soon!


live Disney

Kelly Corum says:

Where is your blog??

Samantha Brown says:

wait. can somebody please tell me the use of this?

mactron003 says:

Where is the actual coupon? Or am I just asking a stupid question?

Yuleyni Cervantes says:

yay you posted this the day of my birthday😊🎉🎇🎆🎊🎈🎂🎁

Anna Salvosa says:

+rosaliesaysrawr you can actually use this???😍😍

Stephanie Trivezo says:

L like your videos

Amber Greer says:

awesome coupons and ideas! I will definitely use them!

Melissa Champagne says:

This video is suuuuper awesome! Deff making this♡

Heavenly Bee says:

i like the way you say "or if your a guy, do it for your girlfriend" some guys are gay you know ._.

KISSmartie says:

Great idea! I'm looking at you thinking, "boy she looks like a teenager and is doing such an awesome job explaining how to use pic monkey!" If you are a teen, WTG!! If you're not, that's cool too…clearly you are very talented! Nice job!

makenna catron says:

i luv disney i go to disney land every year

Celine Wonderland says:

Disney !!! Your coupons are so CUTE !! The Bambi is my favorite !! I just subbed to your channel 🙂 You should check out mine ! Have a wonderful day disney princess 🙂 xo 

ashley chavarria says:

I'm going July 15

Karina Saenz says:

I'm going in July to cx

Samantha C says:

This is a great idea.

TheoBelleSparkle says:

I subbed your wonderful channel 🙂 would you check my channel out and subscribe too? ☼

Mika Chan Sailor says:

adorable idea hun!!

olgitamercedes13 says:

great coupons! i love all of them!!!!!!

Tasmin Dhaliwal says:

this is adorable! x

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