DIY- Duct Tape Coupon Organizer Tutorial!!!

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You can learn to make your very own Coupon Organizer in this Tutorial 🙂 If you’re not interested in making one you can look at my links below to order one!
Thank you Eve The Craft Lady for giving permission to use your very unique accordion pocket! Her link is below!

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Sketch Marks says:

I suspect the more strips you attach together in the first section, the more pockets you'd have! Awesome!

Debbie Usyk says:

U are so good at duct tape plz subscribe to me at Debbie usyk and plz tell me how to change my channel to ducttapegirl19

karma lopez says:

I know it's random but what nail polish are you wearing its so cute

Hailee McNair says:

it's not a staple gun 😂

Cheryl Tarkington says:

Really nice.

mara potter says:

It's called a stapler a staple gun is different

AlwaysCrafty13 says:

Did you line the swirly tape up? would it look fine even if you didn't line it up? Thanks!:)

Kiana Hunt says:

Yay!!! Thank you so much for making this tutorial! I will definitely try my hands at one! 🙂

Jeammus says:

Did you make that rainbow loom bracelet with your rainbow loom bracelet kit you won in the giveaway?

CAVEMAAN76 says:

Wow that neat nice cc Susie

Eve The Craft Lady says:

You're amazing Duct Tape Susie! I knew you could create the perfect tutorial explaining how to construct that pocket technic! Just marvelous!! Now, I can't wait to share my contest entry…it almost done!

Molly Golding says:

Thanks so much!

SilverKatzKrafts says:

Wow, you have been busy today!  Love it.  Thought it was awesome when I first saw it on Eve the Craft Lady's channel.  I added one of these into my Travel Wallet out of Baroque that I got from KZWallets.  Works great.


Can't wait to try this

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