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Lady Ray says:

I started shopping at cvs because of you!! I have a family of five that I'm trying to take care of. And you're such an inspiration

brandi baker says:

im a die hard couponer still.. but ive rly enjoyed the dg the best cvs i dnt go to much . toni i love your videos

Yokie Ivy says:

I've been couponing since 2009 and I was hardcore but after extreme couponing came out and people are scamming and duplicating coupons it started getting harder to coupon, I went back to couponing but not hard , I do budget a lot and I love it so much that I couldn't stop completely, don't stop Toni ,we have toΒ  live for what we love to do, COUPONINGGGGGGGG.

Evie Co says:

omg, you have no idea how much u have help me and my sis, we started couponing 5 mos ago, me personally just the P&G, it has ripple effect like a peeble u throw on a water, my husband has huge family and me, we dont have kids so the I did couponing to help my family, neighbor and strangers who are struggling. This christmas we I have 50 packages to help people. Yes, because of your help this was all possible, your videos are positively vibrant like your personality, you have no idea how much you help us to start up and it did ripple effect. May God bless you so much. I love you friend, hope to bump with you someday. πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’‹πŸ’–

Shawn Martin says:

I still coupon, but I had a complete knee replacement 5 weeks ago today, so I haven't been able to, but once I heal I'll be out there at least doing the ibotta deals to pay for our vacation in January. Thank you for your help

dareen aljaabari says:

Toni omg i thought it was only me loosing interest in couponing! i started a bit over a year ago and you were the first youtuber i watched and learned so much from.. but alot of things have changed, and honestly I dont run for deals anymore.. I coupon mainly for diapers at cvs for 2 yr old son, very soon he'll be potty trained and well that'll be it for me I guess.. I still like to coupon here and there using in app coupons, as I already cancelled my local newspaper subscription.. Oh well it was fun while it lasted πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Regina Drago says:

I follow Krazy Coupon Lady and always head to your videos for any alternatives or such. I just started couponing last week so its a little frustrating finding AMAZING deals but has to be a coupon prior to 9/10. I shop at Cvs (i got two stores i go to) and Target. Obviously if there are amazing deals anywhere else i go. But i stick to those two cause they are much more lenient and easy to follow. I work as a driver for a disability and elder company here in california so i dip into stores here and there on my paid time and company van so, really, gas is no problem. I love you and your couponing videos!

Rosa Vasquez says:

Hi Toni! I hear you!! It's like u were reading my mind. I live in FL and we got hit with Irma:( Powet was out for 4 days. I'm a nurse and I was stuck at my hospital3days and 2 nights plus my daughter had surgery…. Needless to say, my mind has shifted away from couponing. Thank God I have my nice sized stock pile to coast on πŸ™‚
So I've not been couponing for almost 2 weeks now…. IDK… my hearts not into it presently… plus its too exhausting w/ all the new changes…. Thanks for sharingβ™‘β™‘

Benita Gibson says:

I love were the first person I thought about during Harvey. God bless you and yours

Carmen Imfeld says:

Maybe there aren't that many amazing deals right now, but when you take me to a store that has free razors or shampoo or a really good deal, I'll go there because YOU showed me how to work it! It adds up even if some weeks are so-so. Thank you! You are the best!

SuperGirl1970 Carver says:

I don't coupon for the fun of it, I coupon for the necessity. If a transaction don't go through, just tell them to cancel it.

SuperGirl1970 Carver says:

I coupon just to save on tax cause in the city of Chicago, everything cost an arm and a leg.

T Swain says:

I'm a hard core couponer. I'm so glad I hit it as hard as I did 2-3 yrs ago. Built a great stockpile. I had my fav stores that I would rack up on the deals of things that don't go bad. I'm so glad I did. I got MRSA pneumonia that nearly killed me… took 14 months to recover. Had ONE day of feeling like myself again then my 15 yr old dog died!πŸ˜₯ I'm not kidding… I helped dig the grave and carried the dog to it. While lowering him into the ground my rotator cuff tore in my shoulder! Probably from the weakening with the lengthy pneumonia. I'm still in physical therapy … better known as torture. Lol
Told you all that to tell ya that stockpile has gotten my family thru a lot !! I had no idea that this was going to happen but I'm so grateful that I was prepared! I haven't couponed in the last 4 months but I'm planning on it soon. Clipping some today. πŸ€— I love your videos btw! Yes, it's been sooo frustrating when the stores change their policies so much. My Walmart stopped price matching 18 months ago. Publix stopped dbl coupons ( I had awesome hauls before they stopped) last yr before Thxgivg and changed their sale dates this year. It's all a pain but I still want the best deals! I'm still gonna coupon! Love ya, from Cumming, GA. πŸ€—

yukari wright says:

Oh, yeah, I agree. Couponing has changed. I started couponing about 3 yrs ago. After being home so long (after donating my kidney), I started watching youtube & being on facebook more. It used to be deals and glitches like crazy!! I was hyped!
So I agree it's not the same. Oh & my Walmart stopped price matching "months ago", was a sad, sad time.
Keep in touch & keep doing what cha doing…. I still appreciate it!! "Big Smiles"

Diane Whitmer says:

I love to coupon, but I have been sick for over two weeks!! Could not get any coupons last week (no deliveries to my little town), to sick to get them today!!

Mini 504 says:

Bad couponers are making it bad for us you taught me to coupon correctly and I see so many groups on fb that do the most they use granola coupons for cake mix and cookie mix Im like wow that's why cashier are getting so tough people are loosing their jobs behind this foolishness

Paige Houghton says:

I'm still new to couponing, so haven't had all of the negative experiences yet. In the past month and a half, I have started a pretty good stockpile of necessities. You have helped me with that. Before watching your videos, I looked for sales, but also paid full price for some brand loyal products. Yesterday I gave 12 cans of Glade away before ever leaving the store. The people in line and the workers were so grateful. I live in a seasonal area, which means a lot of poverty. I love that couponing will allow me to help others, where I wouldn't be able to otherwise. Giving a couple of cans of Glade Air Freshener to a stranger won't change the world, but it may have brightened their day a little and helped to encourage kindness.
I appreciate what you've done to help me. If you feel that you need a break, I understand. We all go through those times. I think you would come back to it later. You've been through a lot. Try not to put so much pressure on yourself to please everyone else. Take the time that you need for yourself and your family. hugs to you and your family

jacky orozco says:

Personally I still Coupon but for things I'm low on or need

Karen Simmons says:

Couponing is harder. Stores are too picky. P&g gets on my nerves because their coupons expire too quick. But I won't stop. I buy 40 papers a week.

Auntie M Arrington says:

If there were no more couponing, then perhaps videos on shopping deals.

Cassandra Burdock says:

I coupon, but not as much as you. I try to get good buys. The vacation thing is so true. I watch your videos to see the deals and feel you are my friend.

Jessica Mendez says:

I consider myself as a newbie but CVS is my very favorite, but I have been doing it for a year but yeah in just that short time I feel like its getting harder

minicafe says:

Some stores are going digital with coupons which I would think would make things easier. That could be a totally different video. πŸ™‚

Jessica Lynn says:

I haven't been couponing for very long, but I have been getting frustrated with it recently. I'm not going to stop because I'm on a tight budget and the savings I do get greatly outweigh the issues I've run into recently. I have decided to cut out the stores I get the most hassle at though. I will not coupon at dollar general anymore since I alway have trouble with the register not accepting coupons and some of the cashiers are very rude when that happens. I don't like couponing at Walgreens or rite aid because I don't see any deals there that I can't get at other stores. I have been having some issues with cvs however most of the cashiers and managers at my store are happy to fix whatever issues I'm having. One manager is not helpful and rather rude so I decided that if I have any trouble when she is working I will just cancel my transaction and come back another time.

LaMargaret Lewis says:

The storm kind of threw me off. Also, everything is really empty in the stores. I've been getting the stuff we really need in the home.

emma perez says:

Try 10, 15 yrs ago!! their used to be so many coupons for food. And now theres hardly anything.Maybe thats what i get for starting late. But I'm not giving up. Love all the makeup I get for free!!!

emma perez says:

I have a large family. 4 grown men and grandchildren in the mix. Oh ya, I coupon!!! We go thru alot of bodywash, shampoo and toothpaste!!

Monica Ayala says:

Our Wal-Mart quit taking coupons that make our items free if a product is 3.00 it needs to be 3. ** it's getting ridiculous

Amber Owens- Fletcher says:

I understand Toni, after the hurricane has changed things for me as well.. I don't even have a place to store my goods anymore…. I hope to get my passion back.

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