Dollar General $3 Off $15 Coupon Using All Digitals! Cheap Dog Food!!!!

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Fanny James says:

yes yes girl I went and did almost the same deal just switched up a few I needed and paid $4.83 not bad at all did this transaction twice and was happy. Thank you Becky for your scenario I am a newbie and it helps a lot.

Rene Broadway says:

I did it whooo hooo it was awesome

Suzy Dupriest says:

My Tide digital didn't come off for some reason. The manager said it was probably because of the bad weather. Not sure about that but this is the first time I've had a problem. I'm going to try again tomorrow.

Elizabeth Carreon says:

Hola Becky I don't need dog food I need diapers Iol

New2 Coupons says:

Bingo haul!

New2 Coupons says:

the $3 off $15 on the app acts up have you had any issues

Stephanie Shellenbarger says:

Love your videos! I shop at DG because it's so much cheaper than CVS and Walgreens.

melody spates says:

Thanks Becky

Rene Broadway says:

Do I get them to scan the 3 off 15 first

Rene Broadway says:

Going to try this deal hope it works for me

Christal Meyer says:

if i have other $1 digital coupons clipped will it take the $1 instead of the $2 for the tide? should I unclip all other coupons so it takes the $2 and $1 only?

Raneldus Smith says:

Can you also combine coupons to digitals

Vickie Coggin says:

Great Deals!!! So thankful for your tips. I went today and saved money. That makes me happy. Your tips are so helpful. Hope you are feeling a little better.

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