Dollar General BREAKDOWN Digital Coupons ONLY ~ 2/4/17 | Diapers. Charmin, Bounty & More!

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Couponing With Toni says:

I'm sorry I made a mistake on the 2nd Breakdown…I corrected it!!! Here it is here.

Tosha Kirkman says:

I have both digital and receipt 5 off of 25 along with coupons so which one do I tell the cashier to do first? I will get more cash of if I do the digital first and I'm sure it will get my total to 10.00 so after the price goes down will they still allow me to get 5 dollars off of 25 with the original total or or because they want do that please help trying to save as much as I can and if o can use both I will lol

Juanita Rios says:

Yaaas yaaaas ive been seeing videos hoping they would explain if i out my number for the dg coupons in the begining or at last in what order thanks

Mrs. Saviorself says:

So..If i want to use the digital $5 off $25 but use paper coupons do i do it in the same order? Use the paper coupons then put my phone numbere in?

Antoinette Williams says:

Where is the best places to coupon?

Sophia Colon says:

I am new to this. You can only choose one or the other in regards to manufacturer coupon or digital coupon at dollar general?

China China says:

Can i use a matching coupon from to go along with the digital coupon if it says four like coupons in same shopping trip?

Julia Guerra says:

also can i use a manufacture coupon+the digital when their is a buy 1 get 1 50% off or on a buy one get 1 free?.
thank you your video was the best when it came to looking how to coupon at DG.

Julia Guerra says:

what does it mean when the coupon says Save 3 dollars instead of $3.00 dollars off. says:

thank you for making it as easy as abc. I was worried about how my digital coupons would apply. you made it super easy to understand.

Rubynette Hill says:

Is there a DG breakdown this week?

Stacy Bosarge says:

Have a question. I'm new to this. Ive done CVS once so far. Missed this deal at Dollar general cause I was working  but question, If I had done deal number 2, got the $5 off $25 and the $5 off $15 ($5 to use on another transaction), could I have turned around and done option number 1 with a paper $5 off $25 then rolling my $5 I got from the previous transaction making option 1 $5.23. I had a paper coupon for $5 off $25 AND a digital one. Does that make sense?? If I coulda done that I missed a stealer deal. So my entire oop for both transactions woulda been $18 and cents plus tax.

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